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 The World Needs Better Weapons

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PostSubject: The World Needs Better Weapons   December 27th 2017, 5:23 am

Ace Toromaki let out a huff as he looked down from atop the staircase leading to the DWMA. He had business with Shinigami, or... something of the sort. The truth was, Ace, in all his bitterness, had decided that many students of the DWMA didn't have the proper grit necessary for what the academy was training them to do. At least, not the EAT class. The NOTs? they could afford their blissful state of mediocrity, but the EAT students needed a life that wasn't so comfortable outside of their missions. Something like Eibon's Institute, if only for a short while. The Academy's output of Death Scythes was definitely not impressive in the recent years, and this was likely no coincidence. That fact, coupled with the numerous partners who fell at Ace's side made it all too apparent that the Academy had been getting soft on their students. So Ace was going to do something about it.

The real question was, if Ace was going to start training the current students, he'd have to prove he was actually capable of doing so first. After all, the Kusari-Gama didn't have the most impressive record when it came to his attempts to teach others. Most simply weren't willing to cooperate, others would succumb to injury or pure stress, and some were just plain too afraid of Ace, something one wouldn't hold against them. Maybe I should get another teacher to help.... That'd make handling the students easier.
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Lacey Hilt
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PostSubject: Re: The World Needs Better Weapons   December 29th 2017, 12:01 am

Lacey Hilt had been feeling a bit down lately. No matter how much she practiced and trained, she felt like she just wasn't good enough for her meister. He had so many amazing abilities and all Lacey was, was a long stick with a blade. Granted, her blade was sharp, but she still felt like she wasn't as good as she should be. Anyways, the weapon was walking down the hall and was turning to leave the DWMA when she saw someone she didn't recognize standing outside. He was facing away from the academy, so Lacey walked up behind him and tapped him. " Hello. Can I help you with something? " The lance asked kindly. Seeing how he seemed to be too old to be a student here, she assumed he was probably here to meet with a teacher or Lord Death himself, but she decided to check anyways.
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The World Needs Better Weapons
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