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 Eibon's Grimoires (SERP Canon)

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Eibon's Grimoires (SERP Canon) Empty
PostSubject: Eibon's Grimoires (SERP Canon)   Eibon's Grimoires (SERP Canon) I_icon_minitimeJanuary 8th 2018, 2:21 pm

The Hunter’s Axe equivalent of a Death Scythe, Eibon’s Grimoires are weapons whose ninety-nine pre-levelled soul count consists solely of monster souls, topped off with a single witch soul to solidify the evolution. Upon reaching this level, all of their previous mutations are altered, changing into a full set of ten new, themed abilities, instead. At this point, everything about the weapon changes; their form, and by effect, their soul, literally become monstrous. Taking from the class’ announcement, a kusarigama, for example, could have its weighted end turned into a full-fledged wrecking ball. Purging the soul count of members of this class almost guarantees death.
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Eibon's Grimoires (SERP Canon)
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