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 Train with Me? (OPEN)

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Train with Me? (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Train with Me? (OPEN)   Train with Me? (OPEN) I_icon_minitimeJanuary 29th 2018, 8:28 am

Annie had been increasingly eager to use her weapon partner the longer that they were enrolled at the school. Despite his nonexistent soul count, Will had not shared anywhere near the same enthusiasm as the girl. To him, she was like a little puppy that he simply could not get rid of, a fact made worse because they were, officially, partners in the DWMA's eyes. In the end, she won out, special little meister that she was, dragging him to the training grounds. If it weren't for the fact that she had been unable to wield any other weapon, facing devastating rejection each time, he would have left her a while ago. As it was, he appeared to be her only salvation. She did try, though. Will had to give her that. Annie had been working with practice swords to better be able to wield him. She'd even taken special care to wear some protective gear. That part, he didn't really understand. If they were partnered, and even if they used a wavelength attack, the result would be her own wavelength. There was no reason why she would need to guard from it. Of course, with most of the gear being things one would wear on a bike --- knee and elbow pads and a helmet --- he couldn't argue too much. After all, there was still a pretty good chance that she could just fall or something.

Sighing, he stretched out his arms and back when they made it to the Grounds, popping bones at the muscles loosened under his command. Annie watched him nervously, excited to be working with him, finally. They'd been partnered since the previous semester, but seeing as they'd only this semester left the NOT courses, he didn't much care to train with her. If nothing else, he'd thought that he could get his core classes out of the way during his earlier years at the school and then focus on the combat-related ones as he actually moved up to Death Scythe. That seemed logical to him. Apparently, she didn't share the sentiment. "Are you ready then, An?" He asked, looking to her and waiting for her to stretch out her hand.

"Huh?" She said initially, shaking her head, clearly caught off-guard with her head somewhere in the clouds. "Oh? Yeah!" Annie caught on quickly enough, bouncing a little bit as she held her hand out for him. He transformed instantly, landing with his hilt in her hand.


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Train with Me? (OPEN)
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