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 Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher (Ready)

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PostSubject: Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher (Ready)   michi - Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher (Ready) I_icon_minitimeFebruary 9th 2018, 10:46 pm

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Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher


Appears to be nearing or in his early 30's. From an outside perspective going by the calendar he is about 300 years old. His age by his own reckoning is about 231, and his explanation for that was that he would occasionally skip months or years to see what was ahead quicker.

Secondary Class: 

Love Interest:

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic):

Enchanter Subsect:

Magical Tools:
Time and age manipulating objects

Materials Used:
Clocks and watches and clockwork

Atop his head rests a mess of white hair which seems to never grow beyond a certain point; it never seems to look cut, but neither does it look any longer. One of his bright jade eyes is covered by his fringe that never seems to encroach on the other. Otherwise his hair is of a medium length and rather unkempt. He is fairly light skinned, so much so that someone might mistakenly think that he has albinism were they not to see the colour of his eye or take a much closer look at his skin colour, which is still darker than that of an albino. He possesses a strong jaw and chin. His facial expression is most often kept in a default deadpan and even subtle changes work at making him overall rather expressive. 

He stands at about 6 feet tall with a fairly average build otherwise, though somewhat on the lean side due to constantly travelling. He wears simple clothing, usually fairly plain in colour and design. Button up shirts, polo shirts, simple trousers or jeans with comfortable shoes or boots. Sometimes wears things like jumpers or hoodies. He can also often be found in a variety of coats. Very often he can be found with a cigarette of some sort hanging from his mouth, though rarely can he actually be seen doing more than simply letting it burn down to the butt naturally; these cigarettes don't seem to be made with tobacco, either, smelling more sweet than unpleasant. While he doesn't wear his Enchanter's gloves all of the time, it's not uncommon to see him with them on, reaching just beyond his elbow. He also carries a number of watches on his person, whether they be the pocket kind or otherwise. Each seems to run differently, while some seem to have strange amounts of inputs.

All of the time, he also wears a curious, unusual item upon his back. A large wooden box with two straps resembling those of a backpack. This wooden box seems to contain many thin, long drawers with a variety of items inside. A lot of these drawers contain various scrolls, while others contain tools or parts for fashioning clocks and watches. There are also tools used for fashioning those parts themselves. Then, there are drawers filled simply with bits and bobs picked up over time. Finally, some of the drawers contain his enchanted time-pieces.

Calmness is something that can very much be expected from this man. He very rarely gets worked up over anything and takes things in stride as they come. He also seems to be incapable of getting in any way angry at anyone or anything even when something does manage to cause him to go out of his zone of calm and occasional surprise. He is the sort of person that will not hesitate to give you the shirt off of his back if he feels like it would help, whether someone is a complete stranger or otherwise. This helpful personality has in the past lead to certain people being given some of his most exquisite timepieces, though these never seem to find themselves found used in ways that he himself would not approve of; his eye for people is simply impeccable. 

This enchanter also quite often gives off the impression that he knows more than he lets on even if that isn't the case, though he is rather smart. He can speak a number of languages, some no longer spoken today, and seems to know a little bit about a lot of topics. One of the most prominent facets of his personality which shows itself rather obviously when he is in any way attacked is that he refuses to ever hurt another person or intellectual being. He is more likely to dodge an attacker into giving up due to exhaustion than he is to lay a finger on anyone. The most common course of action tends to be a swift exit, however. 

When Michi was a teenager, his grandfather who was a clocksmith by trade had passed away. There isn't much to say about how the funeral went down, but of note was the way the man had distributed his belongings. While Michi's father had gone on to learn the same trade as his own father and was the one who would have been most likely to receive his own father's tools of the trade, both those tools, the grandfather's personal timepiece and a a pair of strange leather gloves were given to Michi instead. Michi's father, strangely, said nothing about this until later on that night when the two were alone. He explained, as a letter left to him by his father had told him to, to explain what he knew.

"Michi. The tools of the clockmaker which you had received are not what is of value. Those gloves are what is valuable. Guard them well, and never let them go, for they are the tools of an Enchanter. You are given these because I could not be. I do not know much more than that, but I know that everything that is in that box will teach you all that your grandfather knew."

The man paused for a while, then told his son to hand him the watch he had been given. He demonstrated, by pressing the button to it's top, what it could do. He appeared very suddenly at his son's back, then gave the watch back to him. 

"It stops time, that watch. Michi, the ability to make items such as these is what your grandfather entrusted you with. Don't look so astonished, Michi, but listen. He told me to tell you one more thing. Unless you swear on all you love, on all that you hold dear, that you shan't use those gloves and the objects you make with them to hurt another person or commit foul deeds, and unless you mean it with all your heart, Michi, unless you vow never to hurt another, grandfather, my father, has written that I should not allow you to lay an eye on that knowledge, or your hands on those gloves. That I should burn them, father's, your grandfather's most valued possessions. Do you swear it, Michi? Look me in the eyes and say it, so I know. So I can tell. I can tell, Michi, because I could not swear it, I could not trust myself with that burden... I will know."

Soon after that meeting, Michi began to diligently study the materials within the box, the clocksmithing tools as well as his father's craft with which they were to be used. The enchanter's gloves, which were oh so valuable. It took him years of practice to master both, so long in fact that he was nearly at the age he appears to be when he could even begin to use the gloves effectively, to make his first item. A watch which stops one from aging. It took him until his own father's death, one which he offered to postpone only to be declined, for him to say that he was a master of both the clocksmithing craft as well as the one of enchanting. The rest of his family, just the same as their father, had declined a watch the same as the one he had named Age. He began travelling around the time that none of his direct relatives were alive anymore. He wanted to see various places in the world as well as various times.

Current list of enchanted items in his possession and their respective abilities:
Stop-watch: This pocket-watch is obviously old, and runs at an entirely normal speed. Rather than having a single button to the top, there are two side by side. The first, to the left, is the ordinary latch along with time adjustment knob. The second, when pressed, stops the time of the world for everything but the user. The second hand starts to glow and returns to 12 o'clock, then begins ticking. Upon reaching 12 o'clock again, time resumes normally. Time can be restarted manually with another press of the button. In the future, Michi may change both the mechanism and magic of this watch to allow for the time stop to last longer or indefinitely. He has not as of yet needed that, as time can be stopped immediately after it starts again.

Age: This not-so-creatively named watch runs much more slowly than any normal watch. The reason for that, is that the time the physical body of the one who wears it is slowed or sped up in accordance to the speed of the hands on this watch. A knob similar to that used when adjusting the time is present on the opposite side of the aforementioned knob. When pulled out and twisted, the speed of the watch changes.

Countdown timer: This timer can be set count down any amount of time. Upon pressing the button, the flow of time for the person using it is slowed so much that days go by in minutes; this lasts until the amount of time on the outside of this time dilation passes as was set on the display of the timer.

12 thus far unnamed emergency measure watches: A series of small watches which run normally. When the watch is broken, the effect is similar to that of the stop-watch. This, of course, ends up being a one-time-use item. Much easier to chuck a watch at the floor rather than pressing a button in a real emergency. Throwing and breaking one against someone else counts as the person hit breaking it instead.


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PostSubject: Re: Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher (Ready)   michi - Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher (Ready) I_icon_minitimeFebruary 10th 2018, 7:23 pm

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Michael 'Michi' Uhrmacher (Ready)
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