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 Achima and company's crime ring (open, but probably not smart to join without a prior agreement)

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PostSubject: Achima and company's crime ring (open, but probably not smart to join without a prior agreement)   February 15th 2018, 3:06 pm

After many months of preparation and renovating the run down house that Achima had picked for her base, it was finally ready to be used by others besides her and the deal demon that had been in and out during this time. Now, it was time to find more people to create a proper crime ring. Leaving the house under the watchful eye of Cipher, Achima had gone out to gather what souls she could and perhaps find another partner or two.

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PostSubject: Re: Achima and company's crime ring (open, but probably not smart to join without a prior agreement)   February 18th 2018, 12:35 am

While Achima was out stalking for prey and new allies Cipher was entrusted with holding down the fort, but he wasn't just sitting around twiddling his fingers, he decided to handle some business while the kishin egg was out, in style of course.

The eyepatched demon had invited some “business partners” over, a couple of classy looking drug peddlers who had made a deal with him; He'd get the rival team killed off or arrested to give the dealers a larger share of the market and in exchange they'd help Cipher with whatever scheme he had concocted. The three were currently sharing drinks in celebration of the successful deal, Cipher twirling around in a swivel desk chair sipping on a margarita rimmed with a pineapple whilst the two dealers watched in polite silence, whiskey in hand.

“So” The blonde demon began after swallowing the pineapple ring he popped into his mouth “You guys brought what I asked for, right?~” then without speaking, one of the drug peddlers lifted a backpack and a large package off of the floor and placed it at the table they were drinking at. Cipher peeked into the backpack first; it contained two blue souls, he then opened the package to examine the contents; it was various bundles of dried leaves and seeds, but it wasn't just any bath of dried leaves and seeds, it was *Scopolamine, also known as Devil's breath, he wouldn't have been able to acquire so much without the aid of drug peddlers.  The demon grinned ear to ear, oh the things he was going to do with it.

Cipher smiled at the two “Good job, boys! butt load of drugs and four souls, and with said drugs I'll accumulate many more” he said, rubbing his hands together like a cartoonish villain “I'd kiss ya if you'd let me, but I think the pleasure derived from that will be 100% one sided~”. One of the men laughed awkwardly “Haha, yeah, it'd be pretty one sid- Wait, wait, four souls? I'm pretty sure we only brought you two, and ya didn't yell us to bring you more” both men eyed Cipher suspiciously, yet the demon merely grinned at them “You heard me right, four souls”. All of a sudden, one of the men grabbed his throat, gurgling out blood before falling to the floor, the other looked on in horror “You BASTARD, what did you do!?” He hollered, standing to confront Cipher, but soon found himself on the floor with his partner, blood welling in his throat. Cipher got up from his chair, floating towards the two dying men “Sorry boys, but I had some other deals I needed to close that involved offing you two; I would've kept you alive if you had more resources, plus the boss of the other group is pretty smokin’, so yeah” Cipher said with a nonchalant shrug before downing the rest of his drink. After a while, the two men had stopped moving which prompted Cipher to start the process of disposing of the two bodies; after placing their souls on the table, Cipher dragged their bodies into a dark room to begin their disassembly.


After getting rid of the bodies, cleaning up the mess, and lighting some linen scented candles, Cipher had pulled out a notebook and a map and began laying out his master plan.

Cipher soon became bored of sitting around and plotting.

The demon had gotten quite riled when he saw those two men dying, and he wanted to shed some blood, “But Achima would probably be angry if i just left the base unprotected….” Cipher said with a sigh, he had to wait for Achima to came back from her hunt before he could go have some fun, Hopefully, if she finds someone, the person she recruits is fun, perhaps a witch would spice things up around here, and it would definitely help my plan, the eyepatched man thought, starting to spin in the swivel chair he sat in; If Achima didn't come back soon, Cipher would go on a little hunt himself, but in the meantime he'd sit and plot, Who knows, maybe Achima will call me up to go searching for for new members too, the demon thought.

Ooc: *If you know what Devil's breath is and what it does, just know that I wouldn't have Cipher use it against Ocs as having people's characters controlled without consent is against the rules, it'd be for background characters.
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PostSubject: Re: Achima and company's crime ring (open, but probably not smart to join without a prior agreement)   February 21st 2018, 12:50 pm

Packing his things, Vasil followed Achima through the city streets and finally reaching a house, he wondered if this has not been just a set-up, that maybe she would eat him, but in ghe privacy of her home. Regardless of this paranoia, he knew that this the best option for him.
Eventually, they came to a nicely decorated living room, with a boy who seemed a little bit above the age of Vasil, sitting there and thinking about something. He liked the appearance of this boy, but was still unaware of who he was or what his intentions were.
With a fast reflex, he went behind Achima like a scared child behind his mother.
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PostSubject: Re: Achima and company's crime ring (open, but probably not smart to join without a prior agreement)   

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Achima and company's crime ring (open, but probably not smart to join without a prior agreement)
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