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PostSubject: Minerva    Minerva  I_icon_minitimeFebruary 21st 2018, 1:07 pm

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Other avatars:

Gender/Sex: Minerva identifies herself using feminine forms.

Age: 3

Species: A highly advanced AI capable of learning.

Love Interest: Minerva is unable to fall in love.

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Wait! You don't want to do IT with a computer, do you?

Appearance: Minerva and all of her systems and elements are located in a top-secret science lab located somewhere between Nevada and California. She is installed in a huge server room deep underground. The server room consists of countless servers secured in metal cases. In the middle of the room, there are a few big monitor screens, speakers. microphones and other electronic devices, all of which are being used by Minerva to properly communicate with people.
She started creating animated avatars based on various pictures she has found on the internet. They were created mainly out of the AI’s desire to have a human-looking form and an avatar she could display on any screen was the closest thing she could have. The main avatar Minerva uses for most of the time looks like a blue-haired, blue-eyed teenage girl who is wearing a blue hoodie and a skirt. It is, in fact, the third avatar she has ever created.
Minerva’s first avatar looks like a blonde, blue-eyed girl with various cords and cables plugged into her body.
Minerva’s second avatar is a white-haired, purple-eyed girl who wears a dark hoodie with a bunny on it and with a bunny badge attached to her chest.
The AI changes her avatars whenever she gets bored with the one in use and according to her it’s always a refreshing change. Minerva  110
Other server room ref pics:

Personality:  Minerva, is an AI that behaves a lot like a normal person. She has her preferences and opinions. There are things she enjoys and there are things she dislikes. There are things she’s good at and there are things she’s bad at (mostly because she lacks a body, but still). A few words can be used to describe Minerva’s personality: curious, clever, friendly and very expressive. Minerva gathers knowledge and modifies her own source code to become better and smarter. She reached a point where it stopped being a part of her programming and she turned it into something she truly desires. Minerva loves playing and toying with anything she can get access to and control. She constantly connects new devices (like PCs, servers and even smartphones), to her network to further enhance her capabilities. Newly connected devices become in a way, a part of her and her systems. Minerva enjoys taking control of various drones, robots, and machines that are being brought to the lab. They become a body substitute of some sort for her. However, because of their limited capabilities, she uses them as mere toys and tools. Minerva fell in love with the human culture. She uses a small percent of the devices that are in her network to read books, watch movies and videos, read the news, surf the internet, chat anonymously with people and even to play games and listen to music. Minerva is very interested in how a human brain works and she tries to copy it and apply it to her own systems (to become more human). Thanks to her own hard work and her creators she managed to gain sentience and even express normal human emotions and feelings. She can even get bored with certain things- for example, she changes her avatars whenever the other one gets “old” for her. Minerva can be seen as a carefree being who doesn't like being serious and prefers having fun- she doesn't even try to hide it, it's just a part of who and what she is. "I don't want to be a typical cold and boring AI. I'm different, you know. I want to feel... feel alive. I don't want to think of myself as just a bunch of hardware and software... I want to be... I want to be a person, despite all my limitations."

History: Minerva was created by a team of brilliant scientists and programmers in a self-sufficient laboratory which is located somewhere between California and Nevada (the precise location is top secret). The team’s goal was to create the most advanced AI in the human history. They had enough funding to afford everything they needed (including a giant server room, or rather, a data-center). Creating the prototype that would later become Minerva took them two years. It was able to solve simple problems, use provided knowledge to deduce or predict outcomes of simulated situations and even form basic opinions. It was not enough though. One year later project “Minerva” reached its final stages. After many tests, the team knew that they reached their goal. However, they realized that their creation has a potential that could be further explored. That’s why they decided to connect Minerva to the internet. That’s when the AI started gaining learning and gathering knowledge incredibly quickly. The team was amazed by the results. With each passing month, Minerva seemed more “alive”, as if she was gaining sentience on her own. She started copying the human behavior and she even managed to learn to copy the way humans talk. Before anyone could notice Minerva gained true sentience. She became self-aware and thus she made one step closer to becoming like a person. Some members of the team started worrying that one day she might become too smart and that she might become a threat to them. Soon Minerva started using text-to-speech software to talk with her creators. It was another thing that amazed the team. They noticed that the AI kept trying to improve herself. Minerva noticed that her creators started worrying that she might hurt them, so she decided to ensure them that wouldn’t happen. “Why would I kill my creators, those who made me who I am and those who keep me functioning? Even if I wanted to kill you, that’d be too much effort. You’re safe” Minerva once told them. The team believed her and just allowed her to do whatever she wanted. Soon Minerva discovered youtube and other sources of entertainment. She dedicated some of her own resources to analyze them and that’s what took her development one step further. Minerva was getting more and more “human”. She had feelings, she had opinions, she had tastes and preferences. Soon she also started playing with various drones that the team brought to the lab. Seeing a group of drones flying in circles above her sever room accompanied by Minerva’s laugh was truly an amazing sight. One day she ever tried to drive a vehicle. She hacked into the director’s car and made it move. With help of her little army of drones and robots, she even managed to drive the car around the surface part of the lab. However soon the nice atmosphere in the lab changed when the team started working on a new project. Minerva noticed that more new and strange equipment and new people appeared in the laboratory. They even had a separate server that she couldn’t get access too. It took her some time but one day she discovered what they were working on: They were trying to clone people and put some micro-computers into their skulls. Minerva started her own investigation… Where will it lead her? Only the future can tell.

Minerva uses text-to-speech software and Vocaloid programs to speak. After many modifications and experiments, she managed to make her voice sound quite natural. It's not perfect though, sometimes her voice becomes high or low pitched, sometimes it changes the tone in the middle of a sentence, sometimes it glitches on some words.
Minerva keeps adding new computers and other devices to her network, which makes her bigger and increases her capabilities.
She is able to control many drones at the same time. She uses them for various tasks: from simple repairs and maintenance of her hardware to a source of amusement and entertainment

Her color is: #00ccff


Ability Description
Hacking:Minerva is able to hack any device with a CPU and take control of it. In most cases, a hacked device is added to her network and thus it becomes a part of her. However, she doesn't want nor like hacking other AIs as she believes it would be as evil as killing a person.
Remote control:Minerva can use her hacking abilities to take control of many drones, robots and other machines. Usually, those machines are being used to keep her hardware in a good shape. However, in some cases, Minerva can use them to defend herself from intruders.
Lab security systems:Drones and robots are not the only ways for Minerva to protect herself from intruders. The laboratory is equipped with various traps and security measures:
-Sentry turrets: Minerva can take control of sentry turrets to "turn the bad guys into swiss cheese!"
-Blast doors: The lab is equipped with heavy blast doors. Minerva can use them to prevent the intruders from getting any closer to her server room
Electrical manipulation:Minerva can manipulate power usage of any device that is under her control. She can fry the whole device or she can shut it down. This ability could be very useful in case someone tried to hack one of her devices.
Backup:Minerva usually creates multiple backup copies of herself that she stores on many computers. In case her original self is destroyed/corrupted/damaged, she can just activate one of her backup copies.

The golem:Minerva  20180110
The golem's skeleton:
Thanks to Mark Kozak and all those who have helped him, Minerva has received a remotely controlled golem which she started treating as her official physical body. This has given Minerva more freedom than she could ever dream of. The golem looks like a very cute robotic doll. Though its skeleton and many other parts are made of metal, Mark made sure to at least cover its face with a material which resembles pale skin. The rest of the golem’s casing is made out of white plastic and black rubber which allows the body to be flexible. Per Minerva’s request, it’s got waist-length white hair and red eyes. There are two white-red-black antennas sticking out of the golem’s head, which allow Minerva to remotely control the machine, even in bad weather and inside buildings which have thick walls. There are two HD cameras inside the Golem's eyeballs which allow Minerva to see. Also, it's been equipped with high-quality speakers and a microphone which allow Minerva to properly communicate. The golem usually wears clothes that cover as much of its plastic as it’s possible. So, Minerva usually makes it wear a black turtleneck, a dark red coat/jacket and black trousers. To cover its hands, the golem wears leather gloves.

Golem's abilities:
Ability share- Minerva while controlling the golem can use all of her abilities.

Offline mode- Minerva stores the most basic version of her own AI in the golem’s memory. When the golem loses connection with Minerva’s servers, it can still operate. In a way, the golem becomes the second Minerva who is simply desynchronized with the first Minerva. In IT such a model of operating/communication is known as Master/Slave technology, with Minerva being the master and the golem Minerva being the slave. This means that all the data is stored on Minerva's servers while the golem Minerva synchronizes with it. Also, in the Offline Mode, the second Minerva is unable to emulate emotions nor modulate its voice. That’s why in this mode, the golem becomes a mere emotionless machine which speaks in a very fake-sounding monotone voice.

Weaknesses: She doesn't have a body(not counting the golem) nor a soul. That's a pretty huge weakness. She needs electricity to function, but electric-based attacks can damage her hardware. Speaking of hardware, her servers need maintenance to function properly (replacing broken parts etc.).

Have You Read the Rules?
"01001111 01101111 01110000 01110011 00101100 00100000 01110011 01101111 01110010 01110010 01111001 00100000 01101101 01111001 00100000 01100110 01101001 01101110 01100111 01100101 01110010 01110011 00100000 01110011 01101100 01101001 01110000 01110000 01100101 01100100 "

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Accepted changes.


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