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 Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED)

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Lilvia Winoris - Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED) Empty
PostSubject: Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED)   Lilvia Winoris - Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED) I_icon_minitimeMarch 4th 2018, 10:53 pm

Lilvia Winoris - Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED) E3395ce79152deeb6b2bc7c27b961c53

Lilvia Winoris

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 291, although appears to be 17-18

Species: Succubus

Love Interest: Good luck capturing her heart. She doesn't commit to one person too easily

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Heterosexual

Weapon: Will not pair

Madness Strand: Gluttony

In her succubus form, she has two distinct horns atop of her head which are as hard as steel. She has a black tail and black wings. To accommodate these features of hers, she wears a red and black frilly dress, a red bow choker, and a maid like cap on her head. In this form, she has her hair up in high pigtails. Lilvia has one yellow eye and one red eye. When in succubus form, her bangs cover up her right eye (her red one). Pairing with this dress is a pair of knee high black, lace up boots and black leggings.
(Here's a reference: )

In her human form, Lilvia wears her hair in low ponytails, and her bangs cover up her left eye (her yellow one). Underneath, she wears a black and white shirt and skirt and a pair of sneakers.
(Here's a reference: )

Personality: Lilvia, when trying to seduce men, acts all sweet and innocent and like she wants nothing other than to make love. However, when  she does end up seducing him, she was pull a quick "wait right here" and then come back a moment later in her succubus form, make love to him, and then eat his soul. As it is a part of how her species is, Lilvia acts highly on her emotions. Should she be emotionally hurt, her succubus form will take action and consume the soul of the one responsible. Being part of a powerful race of demons, she prefers not to engage in battle. She will hide in her human form and only fight in extreme cases. Should she engage in battle however, she will normally come out on top, depending on the skill and difficulty of her foe. Should the odds turn in her foe's favor, she will create some form of distraction to cover her retreat.

History: Lilvia was born when her mother mated with an incubus, which means that she is a greater succubi. Greater succubi, unlike lesser succubi, have the ability to create their own energy. This so called "energy" is what feeds them and gives them the nutrients they need to survive if they're unable to access human souls for long periods of time. The succubus stayed with her mother, who taught her about the life of a succubus and helped feed her until she was able to capture her own prey/food. When she was 18 years old, she hit adulthood and awakened her powers. She moved out and headed off on her own, traveling from city to city, knowing it was never safe to stay in one place for too long. The only way she could go about doing that was by not consuming any souls, which was something Lilvia did not want to do. She would take her fair share of souls, and when she realized that people might start to suspect her, she'd move away to a different city, making up different reasons for leaving each time. Go to present day, Lilvia now lives in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, a ways away from Death City. About once every week or so, she'll go into neighboring cities, or towns and seduce a man or two, make love, and then consume his soul. For every soul she consumes, it keeps her satisfied, hunger wise, for up to 3 weeks, however, she prefers at least one soul a week.

Miscellaneous: Her name is actually pronounced "Livia". The "l" in her name is silent.
Unlike Kishin Eggs, she doesn't consume souls in order to get more powerful, but because souls are what she eats off of. Souls to her, are like Big Macs to humans.


Ability Description
Killing Kiss The ability to be able to kill someone with a kiss. This ability can only be used once per thread, and can only be used on NPCs.
Dream Walking The ability to enter the dreams of another person. This can be broken if the subject notices that something unusual about his/her dreams. Such as random fires, demons, things from hell, anything supernatural, etc. These are easily noticeable if you pay attention to the details of the dream. Pretty much a game of "What's different in this" except that it's not a game. If even a single odd detail is noticed, it'll break the concentration it takes for Lilvia to use this spell. This can only be used twice per thread and has a cooldown of 10 posts.
Seduction Seduces and manipulates with the touch of her skin on another's. This contact is very pleasurable and eliminates her victim's resistance so she can feed from him or her, engage in sex, or control the person to her advantage (such as acquiring information from a target). The enthrallment is effective on all recipients regardless of their sexual orientation. The victim can be left confused about what had come over him or her, or without a memory of what had happened. Her touch can also be used to calm someone down. She can only use this if she maintains physical contact and eye contact. If either of those are broken the spell will be broken as well.This can only be used once per thread.
Superhuman Strength Superior physical strength than an average human only when in her succubus form.

Soul Count: 142

Weaknesses: Lilvia's weakness is that she acts on emotion. Shall she get overly angry, she devours, or attempts to devour, the soul of whoever angered her. For example, if her current male target has a wife, and she keeps getting in her way of seducing her husband, Lilvia will most likely end up eating her soul. If she's feeling an intense feeling of love or attraction, she ends up throwing away all precaution to chase after what she wants. This doesn't happen too often as she doesn't give her heart to any one man too easily.

Have You Read the Rules?
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Lilvia Winoris - Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED)   Lilvia Winoris - Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED) I_icon_minitimeMarch 6th 2018, 2:18 pm

Lilvia Winoris - Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED) KUOv3Pz


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Lilvia Winoris (FINISHED)
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