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 The Birthday Boy (private) (T)

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The Birthday Boy (private) (T) Empty
PostSubject: The Birthday Boy (private) (T)   The Birthday Boy (private) (T) I_icon_minitimeApril 1st 2018, 5:22 pm

Las Vegas, Nevada
Robert Holmes stood before the glass doors of this fine establishment. Today was his birthday. And he was going to celebrate it his way. He'd had to take a bus to get here, but it was worth it. Oh, so many games to play inside. He had a hunch he was gonna win a lot of them. As for the...unique...entertainment...Most people would find it distasteful, but he'd gone so many years seeing a performance he became obsessed with sitting through at least once. He couldn't wait! Robert Holmes pushed open the glass doors leading inside Chuck E Cheese and entered. Immediately, Robert was blasted with 80's synth music and the sounds of excited children. He could see Chuck E, on the stage. Wow, cameras were supposed to add 10 pounds, here it seemed to be the reverse. Most people would find it weird that a teenager wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese's, but for Robert, this was closure for all the birthdays his child self could not celebrate in this fashion.

He was the only one present for the party, inevitable when he had no friends, no weapon partner, and today marked the 16th anniversary of his mother giving him a name he hated and ditching him in foster care. Ah memories. He'd grown up since then, transformed himself from the scrawny loser to a much more capable Meister. He'd ditched his birth name too, Robert Holmes sounded so much better.

To the employees, Robert's time at Chuck E Cheese's was a bizarre montage involving a teenager with gaudy clothing and an awful haircut aggressively shoving children aside to play games, whooping every time he won, which was often, and clapping while giggling like a six year old when the bored and somewhat disturbed wait staff brought out his cake and sang the "Happy Birthday" song. This had to be the most fucked up April Fools Day Joke ever. At least he paid for everything.
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The Birthday Boy (private) (T)
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