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 Tengan Shindou(WIP)

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PostSubject: Tengan Shindou(WIP)   May 4th 2018, 3:46 am

Name:  Tengan Shindou

Gender/Sex: Male

Age: 15

Meister: N/A

Weapon Form: Tengan's weapon form is a 108 Mala prayer beads. All 108 beads seem like they are made of solid yellow jade, Three marker beads outside the 108 yellow jade appear to be black marble with clouds carved into them separating the beads into sections, fewer jade beads seem to be in each section the closer they get to the guru bead. The Guru bead being black jade carved into the shape of a dragon head. a purple tassel seemingly erupting from the dragons mouth connected to a black cord holding the beads together. Tengan in his partial form, both arms connect turning into a larger version of the mala beads and at the center is the black jade dragon head. Depending on his needs the beads can form at a different order if need be, but the most he can bring out at a time is 54 beads.

Love Interest: None

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Heterosexual

Appearance: Tengan has a pale complexion due consistent saclusion in his home temple working on his family’s teachings. dyed platinum blond, green eye’s and a birthmark under his left eye. when he smiled you could see his teeth come to a sharper point than most.Tengan is 5ft 7in, wears a slightly oversized hooded ash black raincoat with yellow lining, an assortment of yellow belts and straps covering his torso, and matching ash black pant with zippers on the bottom of the legs as “casual" wear (aka his every day clothes). When he worked with his family or at family gatherings he wore his traditional Onmyoji garb, since at most gatherings the younger parts of the family tend yo show what they learned.

Personality: In a way you can say Tengan has a varied personality, when it come to his family teachings and personal training for his work as an Onmyoji he very serious and studious, and when it comes to every day classes he tends to daydream. All his teachers see him as a student that just tries to pass and nothing more, and all interactions with other student is lacking when its not in the violent sense. Tengan tends to fight other students but only when they mock him and his family, his interactions with adults is a complete 180 due to the professionalism taught to him by his family when speaking to clients. Family is very important to him and so is his work, but because of his family pride he has very few friends that aren’t distant relatives which has made him socially impaired to people his own age.

History: Tengan was born and raised into old Onmyoji family training his body and soul into fighting evil spirits, living out of Kyoto as a Onmyoji for hire for local families and businesses that deal with old relics and the like. Tengan realized he was a weapon on a training job as an Onmyoji at the age of 12, it was an exorcism gone sideways, A kishin egg appeared at an old temple owned by client. It killed two of the clients and one of his observing trainers for the job. In a attempt in using his spell tags and a blind fit of rage Tengan partially transformed while covered in the tags killing the kishin out of pure luck. Soon after Tengan blacked out reverting to normal next to the only other surviver, one of his supervising teachers meant to watch over him on his last trial to be a true Onmyoji. Not long after coming to he found himself being sent to the DWMA after his Grandfather explained what killed one of his teachers and the client. Tengan joined the N.O.T. class due to his lack of ability in fully changing his weapon form while under stress.

Soul Count: 0

Miscellaneous: Tengan has a exorcism wave-length, he uses it in spell tags he makes due to his family teachings as an onmyoji, he binds the tags to objects to be used to repel or ward off kishin eggs, but unlike most in his family he attaches them to his own body to repel or harm them when near.

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Tengan Shindou(WIP)
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