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 Lyss (Lyssa) [WIP]

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PostSubject: Lyss (Lyssa) [WIP]   May 17th 2018, 12:26 am

Name Lyss (Lyssa)

Gender/Sex: nonbinary / agender

Age: 17

Species: monster cat

Love Interest: none currently

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): unknown

Weapon: will not pair

Appearance: (Please describe the character's physical appearance here. What does this character look like? If you're struggling, you can include clothing, common facial expressions, or things like what they looked like before becoming who they are, today. This is a descriptor section and requires a minimum of 100 words. Please remember, monsters tend to look either very weird or completely inhuman, due to being monsters.)

Personality: (What makes your character tick? How do they react around others, strangers, people that they're close to? What sort of things do they like or dislike? This is a descriptor section and requires a minimum of 100 words.)

History: (Please explain the backstory of your character. How they came to be, what events shaped their lives, and what they are planning to do, in the future. If they were not born a monster then describe the events that made them into one. As a descriptor section, this requires a minimum of 100 words.)

Miscellaneous: (Additional information of any importance that does not belong to any other category can be placed here)

Abilities: (Monsters usually have one or two starting abilities. Abilities are either gained as something the Monster inherited via genetics or something that came about as a result of experimentation. A monster MIGHT, depending on the type, be able to use spells. Consuming souls can advance the power of some abilties, depending on the type of monster.)

AbilitiesDescriptionHow Gained
AbilityDescriptionHow Gained
AbilityDescriptionHow Gained
AbilityDescriptionHow Gained
AbilityDescriptionHow Gained

Weaknesses: (Monsters tend to have certain...weaknesses. These weaknesses are not uniform, even amongst individual species. Two werewolves might have different powers and weaknesses, for example. Please put your characters weaknesses here.)

Have You Read the Rules?
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Lyss (Lyssa) [WIP]
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