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 Skies of Pink and Blue...

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Skies of Pink and Blue... Empty
PostSubject: Skies of Pink and Blue...   Skies of Pink and Blue... I_icon_minitimeAugust 23rd 2018, 7:08 am

Within one of the many deserted deserts within Nevada, the Sun would begin to set. The Moon rising up on the opposite horizon, yet there was still barely some light left to spare from the remainder of the beautiful day. Most of the clouds were dyed pink solely from the dusk but towards the center of the major cloud mass, the tint of pink would appear far brighter than the rest of the clouds that surround it. Just peering upon the clouds would oddly bring a smile to the gloomiest of faces. This particular cloud able to radiate some strange, infectious energy. Those who were familiar with the wavelength were most likely be wiser than most, knowing all too well that the proper response would be to cower in fear from the beautiful sight. As though it were an ill omen for the worst to come. Surprisingly however... That simply wouldn't be the case~!

Within the thick mass of clouds, it would appear as though a young girl was slumbering alone. Completely out cold upon the cloud, staying afloat seemingly by some odd and strange form of Magic. She would drift along with the mass of clouds as the night drew on, so close to the Moon that she could just about reach out and touch its surface! It wasn't too long before the mass of clouds would loom over some random city, the lights flickering below indicating it was still very much alive. It was at that moment, the girl floating upon the clouds would begin to stir and toss in her sleep. It wasn't too long before she would sit right up, finally awake as she stretched her arms apart. She would give one loud yawn, rubbing the sleep from her eyes before looking down below. The colorful, flickering lights would cause that very girl to go wide-eyed with excitement as she gave a heavenly coo, "Oooooo, this looks real fun~"

That Slumbering girl would then get right up on her feet, stepping down upon the cloud... Only to then sink right through! Being sent spiraling downward thousands of feet within the air! Strands of her hair would fling upwards as her limbs caught wind resistance, yet this girl would keep her calm and give a joyful hum. With one hand, she would reach upward toward the cloud she had been slumbering upon not too long ago and call it downward to her! As it began to spiral after her, its very form would shift and contort... Now a fabulous pink and blue umbrella once the girl gripped it with her hand! Still humming, this very girl would fling her umbrella open and her very descent would begin to slow. Before long, the Clown would gently descend upon the City of Las Vegas... Mary Poppins Style~!
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Skies of Pink and Blue...
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