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 Stalking at the park (Me and Lacey)

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Vixy McCloud
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PostSubject: Stalking at the park (Me and Lacey)    October 12th 2018, 1:27 pm

Decca was hungry, like, extremely hungry, the dark weapon didn’t get the opportunity to hunt that night and woke up in a ditch in a local park, with his stomach seemingly trying to digest itself and a taste for blood. The young man climbed out of the ditch, shaking dusk and gravel out of his jacket and hair before allowing himself a long, luxurious stretch and yawn, Last time I fall asleep in a ditch, man, I ache all over, the weapon thought, now, Decca normally didn’t mind pain, he even enjoyed it at times, but waking up with a strained back wasn’t something he found pleasant.

“Well” Decca murmured to himself “Time to find something to eat” the excitement the thought of getting to tear something apart brought Decca made him almost instantly forget the pain in his muscles.

Decca squinted his eyes as he headed out, it was still quite early in the morning, the sun was just starting to peek over the horizon, bathing the trees and walking trail in a peachy gold, but that just meant there would only be a select few a the park, like the joggers, bird watchers, ect. Decca smiled to himself, Easy prey. Decca made his way up the trail, and found himself at a small playground and a large rock near it, most likely artificial so kids could climb on it, but Decca didn’t really get close enough to tell. The weapon squinted his eyes some more, the sun had risen more and the clearing the equipment was in had no shield from it’s rays, and while it wasn’t hot yet, having the sun flash in Decca’s eyes still made it a bit hard to see. The hungry weapon shielded his eyes with his hand, looking down the rest of the trail to see if there was any sign of anyone around, listening out as well while his free hand gripped the small knife in his pocket.
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Stalking at the park (Me and Lacey)
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