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 Aria Striker

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Aria Striker PqXndlV

Aria Striker

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 18

Meister: Sarah Farron

Weapon Form:
Aria Striker XZBy3UG
Aria's weapon form is a long, medieval sword, generally wielded two-handed. Though she's never had anyone translate at, there appear to be runes or spells carved into the blade; what these are or mean, she doesn't seem bothered by, or to even care about at all. As yet, she does not specifically appear to have any sort of elemental affinity, though she's not been paired with anyone for long enough to really know. In lieu of ever explaining or simply naming her weapon form, Aria tends to just immediately transform in front of anyone who asks about it. Since her recent graduation, there has been no need for this, anymore.

Love Interest: (●´ω`●)ゞ

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Straight? Gay? Bi? Nobody knows! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Despite the image above, and her own ancestry, Aria does not, in fact, have any animal-like traits of her own. Instead, those pictured are, at best, accessories that she likes to adorn herself with in remembrance of her mother. Beyond this, her hair is a soft of sandy blonde, her skin a light, soft tan. She stands at approximately five feet and five inches tall, with a small, light build; she's neither grotesquely thin, any bit chubby, or even lithely muscular. Aria is mostly just... there. In movements, she doesn't seem entirely human, more like she might potentially end up on all fours at any given moment. She wears thin, lightweight tops that more often than not expose her midriff. However, she tends to wear baggy pants, and abhors tight legwear and even skirts.

Aria tends to be more than a little bit spacy, staring off into seemingly nothing and often missing the majority of a conversation just because she can't seem to fully stay in the moment. Even still, she does absorb quite a bit of the information around her, and did fairly well in class. Of course, her tendency towards not quite listening lead her to never really holding a partner, so she ended up graduating through NOT means, despite what combat skill she has. Other than her attention, she seems fairly curious as a person, though expresses herself move with emotions and emojis, even when typing or writing. This isn't to say she's mute or illiterate; again, she did graduate by normal means. She just simply finds better expression in emotions than words.

Aria comes from a family of primarily weapons, though her mother was a witch meister, partnered with her father. Shortly after puberty, she discovered her ability to transform while sparring with her father, who eagerly set about the process of enrolling her at the DWMA. They would visit her there often, though abruptly stopped shortly after Christmas, the year after she turned 16. Sometime during February that following year, she was notified that there had been a housefire. As far as local law enforcement knew, there had been no survivors. She'd initially taken a few weeks off to go home and retrieve what she could, though soon had to return to school. From then on, she'd spoken very little, communicating in expressions more than words. This made it far more difficult for her to keep a meister, and she quickly gave up attempting to partner, and moved herself back to the NOT classes in order to graduate as a non-combatant student. In this, she succeeded, and has remained in Death City, working oddjobs to fund her apartment.

Soul Count:
5 :o

ೕ(˃̵ᴗ˂̵ ๑)

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Aria Striker
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