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 The Druids (Mature)

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PostSubject: The Druids (Mature)   July 31st 2013, 10:12 am

Deep in the forests of Britain, a cult gathers for a ceremonial meeting.

They gathered around and altar with a triskele engraved all across it.

A girl captured by this cult had been thrust upon the altar, and it was almost time for the sacrifice of a human soul.

Her hands and her feet were tied.

The cloaked men all gathered around her, but one protruded out from the crowd. A tall figure, his face hidden by shadow. He gripped an athame tightly in his hand and brought it up. His other hand gripped it to and they all began to chant;

He brought down the athame and it embedded itself into the girls stomach.

Only a soul was left behind, and it began to rise high into the sky until it disappeared...

The blood seeped throughout the engraving of the triskele. It was given a crimson red outlining.

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PostSubject: Re: The Druids (Mature)   July 31st 2013, 5:21 pm

The words spoken seemed to deliver as a whisper in unison and grow in volume, and exiting with an echo.

"Robor behold!"

The blood of the girl slipped off of the sides of the altar.

The crowd disperses and backs away from the altar, scattered. At the foot of the altar, roots begin to sprout from the ground, enclosing around the altar and the body of the girl. It grew up and it grew outwards so it connected. It grew to be a tall, wide oak tree.

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The Druids (Mature)
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