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PostSubject: Zuiichi   Thu 1 Aug - 20:02


Her brother Kaizoe



The parent's of Zuiichi and Kaizoe  were always obsessed with sex and experiments, which led to why they were extremely upset and angry when they found out that their child had no gender at all. They were always demented, but this really drove them to the edge.  So to solve this 'problem' the parents did some experiments on their genderless child, spiting IT'S soul into two and creating two different bodies; one a boy Kaizoe , and one a girl Zuiichi. The pain the child had to go through was just as great as two years worth of torture, which scarred the children forever. Worst part about this was that the parents continued to abuse the children with deranged punishments. Once Zuiichi was just enjoying herself when her parents came in, not receiving one simple hello from the child, which led to some anger, and as punishment the parents tied her up against a tree and slowly plunged knifes into her body to creating a good amount of scars on her legs, arms and stomach area. Zuiichi still remembers the time when she was just talking to her imaginary friend, who happen to be another girl, and the parents got extremely mad because they thought she was going crazy, so they slashed her across the face, leaving another scar. Their worst punishment was probably when the parents made Zuiichi rape Kaizoe  because the parents thought he was becoming gay. Everyday the two were abused physically, mentally, emotionally and even sexually. Thankfully the two of them were rescued by Dralin Akagi and Ryu Vallhen.  The two of them are currently trying to find and kill them, for allowing their parents to get away without being killed.

AbilitiesDescription# of souls
contributed to
the ability
Pain IllusionZuiichi can create an illusion where her victim feels an amount of pain. The more the victims remember it's only a illusion, the less amount of Pain zuiichi can cause. 5
Body ManipulationZuiichi has complete control over the bodies of oneself, including skin, nails, fat, muscles, blood, nerves, etc.,  5
Illusion ManipulationZuiichi can create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which to not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are.5

~15 souls upon creation~
1 Soul

Have you read the rules:
I love Soul Eater

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