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 fanatsies in the closet [mature content/ read at own risk]

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PostSubject: fanatsies in the closet [mature content/ read at own risk]   September 10th 2013, 3:22 am

first off I want to say that when I write this story I am not a homosexual (in todays term "gay") I love the gays and a good friend of mine is gay. so If you can't handle two men in love then don't read this. if the concept of two men falling in love interests you then keep on reading. I will do my best to do weekly updates on the story series which will be named "fantasies in the closet" which yes this takes place in the soul eater universe. If you want to say anything about how good/bad my writing is please message me and do not reply to this! this is a message from me to you so this is probably the only time where the story is not involved. remember I have school so please be understanding if I don't always get the update to the story. thanks for reading this message and hope you like my story :)
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fanatsies in the closet [mature content/ read at own risk]
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