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 My only poem

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PostSubject: My only poem   September 16th 2013, 7:03 am

I thought I might as well share this so it isn't just sitting around. Basically, I wrote this after my old girlfriend found out she had cancer and tried to stab herself right after getting off the chat. She was put in the hospital from the blood loss, but thankfully was ok. And while she was in the hospital, we all decided to try and write her messages in one of her poem threads to cheer her up and let her know we cared. This was my submission to her....

It's not that great and she broke up with me about a month later, saying she didn't like long distance relationships.... Which we had been doing the entire time........ *sigh* People are wierd sometimes. But I still feel like there's some genuine emotion in this poem, so I'm sharing it here. Currently my one and only real poem.



The body is weary. The soul has grown weak.
The world has worn us down
We seek, desperatly, to find the meek
But only end up further underground.
I call out for you, the last one I know
Only to be met with a frown
Darkenss inside growing steadilly louder until all falls to silence.

It is only so-so
Why must I care?
But it will always be my burden to bare....
Things come and they go. We live and we die.
But why must this happen? Why why why!?
Until all fades to silence....

If it could have been stopped, I must have been able
Yet I still cling to the world "love"
A crimson horse forced into a rotting stable.
The world has worn us down....
Once you've seen its eyes you may never look away
A hand without a glove.
A cat, once stray.
A king who's found his crown.
Then all faded into silence....

To share pain would be a pleasure
Alone, it is a chore
If you're a dove, I found your feather.
I hold it forever more.
Even after you've flown away where I can never go
Just to face the pain I will never know.

And then all has faded into silence....
The likes of which I can only wait to know.
That day my body withers and my soul turns hollow
And the world has worn us down.



Thank you for reading and I'm sorry if it was too depressing........
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My only poem
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