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 Jericho Edwards

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PostSubject: Jericho Edwards   Jericho Edwards I_icon_minitimeOctober 8th 2013, 1:14 am

Name Edwards, Jericho

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Meister: I don't have a meister yet

Weapon Form: When i transform, I'm nothing more then a katana, but, depending on the situation, and the bond I share with my meister, my length, width, and weight can change in a matter of seconds.

Love Interest: N/a

Appearance: 5'9" Long black hair, pale skin, grey eyes, skinny build, I'm always in a white button up with a black tie and vest with black dress pants and matching dress shoes.

Personality: I tend to stay by myself, a loner of sorts, I'm shy and try to remain quiet. I prefer the darkness, and hide in the shadows when i can. I tend to show no emotions, unless I'm with someone I truly trust. The only time I show emotion or speak is when I'm standing up for myself or another in need. I'm afraid of nothing but stinging insects, of which I have an extreme phobia to. I prefer everything to be precise and orderly.

History: I was abandoned at a young age by my parents, never knowing them,or who I truly was, left to fend for myself in the dark back streets of an unnamed village. I saw a lot before I realized I was a weapon, which I stumbled upon by accident defending a young girl from her drunken father, and seeked WMA based off of vague rumors I had heard. The tragedies I saw drove me to stop that which is evil in this world, which is why the only time I speak up is to defend the weak. My many years on the streets taught me that silence was truly worth it's weight in gold. My dream is not to be the next Death Scythe, but to simply stop the evil that roams this planet.

Miscellaneous: Elemental Ability over Darkness.

Have You Read the Rules?
I love Soul Eater!

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PostSubject: Re: Jericho Edwards   Jericho Edwards I_icon_minitimeOctober 8th 2013, 6:50 am

Hi Jericho! Welcom to the forum! This app has been Approved!
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Jericho Edwards
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