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 Claire Farron

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PostSubject: Claire Farron   Claire Farron I_icon_minitimeApril 8th 2014, 9:49 pm

Claire Olivia Farron
Claire Farron Vocaloidblueeyesglassesmegurinelukalonghairpinkhairmeganekkoanimegirls1920x1080wall_www.wallpaperfo.com_93

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Love Interest: Jasmine 'Smith'

Meister: Justice Abbey

As per the picture above, Claire has the same pink-blonde hair as her sister, Sarah. She's decently built, not too curvy, and somewhat lithe. Typically she wears a t-shirt and a very loose grey hoodie with a black lightning bolt on it. She wears loose fitting jeans and boots of some form or another. She has a pair of prescription glasses, though she only needs them for reading than for anything else.

Weapon Form:
Claire Farron EA3fRZ2
Her weapon form is a very ornamental golden scythe, the long handle ending in the figure of a winged angel. The blade is much longer than appears in the picture, but otherwise that's accurate. In addition, the angel's face will have an expression mirroring Claire's.

Claire has almost crippling agoraphobia, accompanied by claustrophobia. She rarely trusts others, and social situations, especially awkward ones, often result in her getting panic attacks. One might expect this to make her very hard, but in reality she's quite gentle, meek and shy as opposed to hard and untrusting. It takes her a long time to start trusting people, and as such she doesn't have many friends. She's very protective of her sister, but as a result of her condition its more often that Sarah protects her instead.

Claire has often been the way she is. Ever since she was young she had a hard time at school, or around other kids. Then, when her parents died when she was 12, she shut herself away in their house, becoming very reclusive. She spent these days busying herself with understanding her developing abilities, with Sarah's help. One day her sister came in to inform her that she'd enrolled them both at the DWMA, news that inspired a minor panic attack in the elder Farron. Indeed, this was going to be interesting.

At first the Academy was hard for her. However, over time, she encountered people who wanted to be her friend, who were willing to accept her. She even found a meister. During a trip to a favored bakery, she met Jasmine Smith. The girl had been observing her, out of admiration. Slowly, a friendship began to blossom, and after that a relationship. Eventually, they became significant to one another.

During a walk to school, Claire was among many captured by Section 12. They took an interest in her, eventually choosing her for their experiment. 3 weeks after being rescued, she found that she was pregnant. She tried to do the best for the child, she and Jazz attempting to learn all they could before she, as they later learned, was born.

Misc: N/A

Have you read the Rules: Wrote them.


Claire Farron Shinigami_sama_summon_by_limit_vanitas-d69ix6i

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PostSubject: Re: Claire Farron   Claire Farron I_icon_minitimeApril 9th 2014, 5:05 pm

Took me a while to realize it was Lightning :/ Anyways, the character is pretty basic, but she's got some good points about her. The social phobia's a nie touch and I like how she doesn't necessarly want to be with the DWMA, it just kind-of happens.

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Claire Farron
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