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 Cremilia Gravelyen(WIP)

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PostSubject: Cremilia Gravelyen(WIP)   March 30th 2016, 8:51 pm

Name: Cremilia Gravelyen

Gender/Sex: Female

Age: 17

Weapon: None yet but if she were to acquire one, she'll hope for it to either be a type of sword or tanto blade.

Animal Form:

Cremilia takes on the form of a dragon similar to Ashley Gravelyen's form, in terms of measurements and how menacing it appears. The dragon form is approximately 6 meters in height, 4 feet in width, 12 feet in length from snout to tail. The dragon is pitch black with the exception of its eyes which is a sort of pinkish-purple. Parts of the Dragon seem to be exposed bone but there are no indications or signs that reveal that it truly is exposed bone. Cremilia can use this form in partial transformations, possibly to grow wings she's capable of using for flight or dragon claws for battle.

Mantra: Drakon-Draco!

Love Interest: None

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Heterosexual

Appearance: Cremilia is a young adult standing at a height of 5'4 while weighing around 137 pounds. Her skin is very pale with visible grey veins that can be seen through her skin. Whenever Cremilia blushes, her face also happens to flush a light shade of grey instead of pink like regular people. This could very likely be due to the black blood in her veins that is unusable to her in its hardened solid form. Cremilia's hair is straight with two bangs resting on either side of her face. It is also a very light violet in color, almost an unusual white while her eyes are dark pink. Cremilia also happens to have a somewhat curvy yet chubby body type, not incredibly thin or slim or even unhealthy like the appearance of her skin may give the impression of. In fact, as far as health goes, she's incredibly fit and well conditioned.

She currently owns one outfit she received from the Organization. It appears to be a kind of school uniform, the top being a white dress shirt with a pink ribbon around the collar while the bottom is a beige skirt. Her legs are covered with black stockings while her feet are tucked into very snug white sneakers with light blue laces. Cremilia also possesses a black hoodie that greatly resembles a cat due to two pointed ear-like shapes poking out of the top of the hood with two pink eye-like dots in the front of the hood. Cremilia had come across this hoodie on her travels and will occasionally hint that she found it in a place that could very likely be a dumpster. Finally, Cremilia has a pink one strap backpack she usually keeps a odd device in.

Personality: Despite being a young adult, Cremilia's personality is more befitting of a child in elementary school. This was because of the limited amount of education she received from the Organization. She was taught at the very least how to speak English, read and write, accurately estimating distances, two spells, and how money works. Unfortunately for speaking, reading, and writing, she was not taught very many vocabulary words. She'll have to develop this on her travels in the free world. As far as everything else she knows, which isn't much, she had to learn herself. This all causes Cremilia to be a very gullible character, easily believing lies she's been told. She already believes all of the Organization's lies they've told her, about them being an Organization meant for good, creating superheros, and that all of the things they've done that may seem morally questionable, were actually done to ensure a purely just outcome. Little does she know, she's nothing more but a puppet in their twisted game.

Cremilia herself though, is a very moral person. She doesn't wish to harm others unless she absolutely has to. She can kill true monsters without a second thought but not other people. She's able to comprehend another beings desperate desires to live as if they were her own. She will try her best to never kill anybody, even hardened criminals like thieves. The only type of people Cremilia justifies the killing of, is murderers. She despises those who will willingly choose to kill others, never giving any sympathy for that being's life. She views murderers as the only true monsters in this world and she will always be quick to kill them.

Cremilia interacts with others almost like a child would, constantly asking questions about them or the world. She usually tends to ask questions that could potentially stir the philosophies of an individual, probably showing signs of a developing intelligence that others may recognize. That is of course... If they can look past her childish antics, like her nickname for milk literally being 'Moo-Moo.'

To begin explaining Cremilia's story, one must first look back to the cause of her existence. In a kingdom hidden by powerful magic, a royal family known as the Gravelyens resided here. The last king who ruled over this land was slain along with all of subordinates, a fact that remains hidden to Ashley Gravelyen to this day. The people responsible for the destruction of this kingdom were affiliated with The Organization. An evil group which exists for the sole purpose of eliminating all members of the Shinigami. The destruction for the Gravelyen king and his empire was completely avoidable however. The Organization heard legends of the Gravelyen's unique bone structure and wished to extract DNA samples from the King but he bitterly refused. As to why he oppose them and refused to give them samples of his DNA, remains a mystery. To kill the king, they had burn him alive, the process of incineration rendering his DNA too destroyed and completely useless. Hope for obtaining the genes of the Gravelyen family wasn't lost however. Searching through the kingdom's records would reveal that many of the King's own children were executed during infancy. The Organization would dig up the graves of the children scavenging through their rotting remains for useable DNA.

It would be a while before they could uncover a sample that could grant them access to the Gravelyen's bone structure. Once they did however the scientist leading the whole project was more excited than he had ever been before in his entire life. He immediately ordered the creation of 6 test subjects. He would order the capture of Witches that would be used to incubate the subjects, terminating the Witches immediately after they birthed a healthy specimen into the world. Among one of the six female specimens, was Cremilia herself. All of the specimens were given first names that the Witch's were allowed to give them since they were technically their biological mothers. The last names for all the girls was Gravelyen because through them, the genes of the Gravelyen family would be passed on. The girls were taught English at a very young age but this was solely so they could follow orders and answer back to their masters. This however didn't prevent them from communicating with one another. Creating bonds that were very sister-like. They watched after their own, encouraging each other that there was a reason they were all together. Usually test subjects wouldn't be allowed to talk to anyone like this but the lead scientist viewed as a very enjoyable social experiment, permitting it.

As far as living conditions go, living under the Organization's influence was an experience surprisingly similar to camping. Minus the whole outdoors of course. The girls were given bunks they could sleep in instead of cold concrete floors, a feature that was quite unique to test subjects of the Organization. Some of the lead Scientist's employees would come to question just how much sympathy he seemed to give the girls. When asked, he would state that it was to help tame them in a way. Making them more willing to comply to their demands. While this was true, there was a shred of the man that absolutely cherished these girls. He thought of them as his most prestigious achievement ever, experiments that would prove that his scientific research about the anatomy of the Gravelyen family can indeed be harnessed to create the greatest biological weapons in existence. It was only a matter of time before his true experiments with the girls could begin.

The scientist would soon make himself known to the girls, entering their chamber. He was a frail old man with grey, balding hair and a limp in his step. He possessed a wooden cane, using it as a walking stick. The girls would gather round him whispering things to each other like, "Who is he? Where did he come from?"

The man would clear his throat, wave his hand in front of them to signify that they should silence themselves. His lively blue eyes scanned them, almost like a benevolent creator who was examining his handiwork. A warm smile spread across his face before he finally spoke in a calming and slow voice, manipulating his words as if they were a tempting treat to draw the girls to him. "I am Doctor Crawford. I am the reason you're all here, in a way... You could even say that I'm your... Father."

The word father, was not a word that any of the girls were familiar to. "What's a father?", an unusually shy subject asked Cremilia. She possessed a body similar to Cremilia but her hair was bright orange, like the crackling embers of a cooling fire. Her eyes were also different, contrasting her own hair as well with blue eyes that matched Doctor Crawford's.

Cremilia looked deep into her eyes then to the Professor's. "He said... He's the reason we're here. But where is here... The room? But then... Where did we come from?", Cremilia asked holding her head which was beginning to ache. She was never really bright as a child around this age and chasing the answer to the question inside her head was starting to give her a severe migraine. She could've sworn that the answer was just on the tip of her tongue but constantly slipped away from. She tried to speak but all that came out was slurred and stuttered speech, causing the other subjects to laugh and poke fun at her for trying to act smart.

Doctor Crawford quickly silenced the subjects with a wave of his hand, "It's clear to me that none of you are very fluent in English. Father is someone who plays a part in bringing you into existence. I am literally the reason any of you are alive in good health. A father is someone who plays a part in creating you." His words grew more and more foreign to the girls, diving into topics that far exceeded the comprehension. "I guess we'll just have to teach you more about English. That however, is unimportant at the moment. We must discuss the reason you're here. It's really quite simple really, you're alive to serve the Organization as... Heroes.", Crawford said, once again bringing up a word that none of the girls understood.

There was still something different about this word however, bringing a new spark to Cremilia's eyes. The word possessed a magical ring to it, a ring that somehow brought an indescribable joy to Cremilia. This joy could be felt deep within her soul, causing it to mature and grow just a bit larger than the other girls'. "What's a... Hero?"

Doctor Crawford was prepared for this type of question, since they didn't even even know what a father was. Just then, he tapped his cane against the ground three times. With that signal, the walls of the entire room flashed on like giant T.V. Screens. What played on the walls, was truly terrifying and unsettling events. There were murders occurring on each screen, the murderers' back to each camera while they tormented their victims in excruciating manners. They would jam screwdrivers under their fingernails, scoop the eyes of their victims right out, or even repeatedly bang their heads against a table, staining it red with blood. The grim factor to each murder was the fact that the act seemed to occur in the exact same room each time. A dark room, one single lamp that illuminated a dim light, revealing the only table in the room where the victims were strapped down. The girls were obviously appalled, vomiting into hands in an attempt to hold back the contents of their stomachs. They were never exposed to such compromising material, they barely knew what to make of it but it was obvious that a sense of dread was born in their hearts. "Heroes... Are those who protect others from terrible people.", Crawford answered before signaling for the screens to power down. "You'll learn that... This world is filled with evil. Heroes are the only ones that can make this world a brighter place. We'll begin your training tomorrow, any questions?"

Many girls reluctantly asked Doctor Crawford questions about him, the place they we're in, and even what their training would inevitably be. Cremilia on the other hand, felt sick to her stomach. She walked her way over to one of the walls that acted as a T.V. screen, placing one hand on it as she tried to contemplate the things she saw. The red head that was by her side earlier followed her, running a hand over Cremilia's back in a comforting manner. "Cr-Cremilia? ... Are you....", the girl tried to speak but no sound would come out anymore.

Cremilia nodded her head, "I'm fine Jocelynn. Let's just... Not talk."

The two would stay there in silence, knowing not a single thing more to say. Eventually Crawford would leave and the girls would continue the regular routine before falling asleep, their dreams filled with the images of the murders on the screens before. The next day they would undergo their training, which was nothing more than

Black BonesBlack Bones is a unique ability that fuses the natural ability of Bone Marrow from those of the Gravelyen family with the abilities given to those who possess Black Blood. There are however a few drawbacks to it making it a step back for Black Blood but a step forward for Bone Marrow. The bones created through the Black Bones ability are as tough as hardened Black Blood, appearing black instead of white. Cremilia is capable of tearing these bones out of her body  being durable enough to withstand the pain. Like others of the Gravelyen family, she can regenerate open wounds on her skin but not entire limbs, allowing her to seal open wounds she used to pull bones out of her. These bones are as tough as Black Blood but they can't levitate like Black Blood or reshape once they're out of Cremilia's body. They must be shaped while they're inside or still connected to her body. An advantage Black Bones has that Black Blood doesn't possess is being able to function despite the owner of the ability's wavelength being interrupted by another's. Like when Medusa was able to keep Crona from using their Black Blood. Additionally Cremilia is capable of creating a layer of bone under her skin to take attacks from blades and blunt objects but she is still susceptible to Soul Menace and Wavelength attacks, they just won't keep her from using her Black Bones ability. Finally, Cremilia is capable of launching spiked Black Bones from her palm, hitting targets with lethal force to vital areas from a 13 meter distance. Although she can still launch attacks from further away, these projectiles won't be lethal due to the lack of force necessary to pierce vital areas.
Soul ProtectA standard Soul Protect that Cremilia can use to disguise her Witch Soul as an Innocent Soul. Can't use spells like Draco cannon while active. She can still use Black Bones however since it's a biological ability and not a spell.
Draco CannonDraco Cannon is the only offensive spell taught to her by a Witch in the Organization. After uttering her mantra once, Cremilia can summon up a single purple orb that she can freely move around. She can launch them at targets and cause it to explode, detonating it at will. The explosion emitted from one of these orbs affect everything in a 4 yard radius. Cremilia is also capable of firing these from the mouth of her dragon without uttering her mantra but she'll usually have less control of it, simply launching it at targets.

Weaknesses: Cremilia is a girl with quite a few weaknesses. She may not be susceptible to many bladed or blunt weapon attacks(Unless she was hit in the head with just enough force to cause some serious head trauma) but she is quite defenseless to wavelength attacks, Soul Menace, electrocution, and burning. There is also one last weakness she has and that's her need for high sources of calcium, like milk. Milk is just as important to Cremilia as water is to her. This doesn't mean she can substitute milk for water however. They're just equally important. Going without milk for two whole days can prevent Cremilia from using her Black Bones ability but going without it for 3 or more days will surely kill her.


This is the devise found within Cremilia's backpack. It's very being gives off an eerie feeling, being designed by the Organization after all. It apparently seems to be a metal orb that can be pulled apart into two pieces. Four lights line the gap in between the two metal pieces on two sides, adding up to eight lights in total. Cremilia can place her fingers on these lights, allowing her to finally twist it open. Once open, a chilling mist would pour from orb. Once the sinister mist fades away, the contents of the orb can be revealed. Inside this orb... Is glass bottles that can possibly be filled with milk. The orb itself is truly just a high-tech cooler for Cremilia to store her bottles of milk.

The Character Apps for Ashley Gravelyen and Achima Ravencraft and Idoc's Organization for Reference.

Achima Ravencraft

Ashley Gravelyen

The Organization

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Cremilia Gravelyen(WIP)
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