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 Hunter's Society

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PostSubject: Hunter's Society   Hunter's Society I_icon_minitimeMay 15th 2016, 12:25 pm

Hunter's Society Spiral_shield_and_sword_by_katowulf-d3cf2e4

Name: Hunter's Society

Purpose: This faction was formed with the intention of hunting down, and often taming, various malicious or "unintelligent" (not speaking, more animalistic rather than sentient) monsters. In some cases, they are able to wholly domesticate these beasts, but such is not always the case.

Leader: TBD, likely an NPC

Location: The Society is chiefly located in Russia, where their Guild Hall and College are found. Smaller factions of the Society are found globally, with a smaller base situated near Death City, for ease of communication with the Academy and Institute.

Allies: The Hunter's Society is aligned most closely with the DWMA and its affiliated, international schools. With the discovery of the Institute, they have a shakier alliance with this school, as well, though they do not always see eye-to-eye.

Members of this society work towards the goal of eliminating monsters as a threat to other races. In some cases, this means killing them; in others, this means capturing and training them, sometimes even going through the process of domesticating them. More sentient ones often, if found to be as neutral as their souls read, become allies of the society. Members utilize various tools, most of magical design, to accomplish this. All full hunters are equipped with monster-detecting bracelets which lock onto the monster's souls themselves; these bracelets can be set to ignore specific monsters that the user is already aware of, such as their partner, but they cannot see past soul protect.

Ranking System:
Beginner Hunter: The lowest rank of course, a newbie learning the basics. One with a history with monsters (experience) could possibly skip this rank if they seem well educated on the basics.

Third class Hunter: A rank above the beginners, they know the basics like monster types and habits, but they are still learning and wouldn't be trusted to do a mission on their own.

Second class: Are skilled enough to possibly mentor a lower class individual on the basics. They would be able to hold their own in a fight, but are to have team members with them.

First class: Very skilled, and have a better chance of surviving a solo mission than the ranks under them. They can serve as assistant teachers.

Master class: These are the professionals and teachers, the ones who lead missions. Master class hunters lead regiments of the guild/society, and are responsible for the regiment.

Headmaster: The leader of the entire organization, the one who makes all the rules and will personality enforce them of needed. Usually the most skilled hunter with the most experience and skill.



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Hunter's Society
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