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 Hunters' Axes (SERP Canon)

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Hunters' Axes (SERP Canon) Empty
PostSubject: Hunters' Axes (SERP Canon)   Hunters' Axes (SERP Canon) I_icon_minitimeJanuary 8th 2018, 2:20 pm

A weapon class unique to SERP, Hunter’s Axes’ 99 + 1 rule encompasses Monster souls, which are neutral, rather than innocent or corrupted ones. These weapons resonate with a standard meister, if the meister is powerful enough; typically, utility meisters are the best, and safest bet for Axes, aside from witches/sorcerers.. Associated with a separate faction from the DWMA, Axes consume only Monsters as their ninety-nine; this means that a previous Demon or Dark weapon could, post purification/full soul confiscation, become a Hunter’s Axe, but only if they were purged of all previous souls. The Monster souls that these weapons consume mutate them on a genetic level, altering their very DNA to change various, seemingly random, details about their weapon forms; these alterations, however, are available to the weapons in both standard and weapon forms, without the Sacrifice Rule coming into play. In fact, some Axes have no initial control over the mutations’ presence. Due to the very nature of Black Blood, it is entirely incompatible with the mutations of a Hunter’s Axe and will unravel, killing the weapon.
Only a witch/sorcerer has the capability of altering these mutations, slightly influencing, or rather augmenting, the mutations before they take hold. However, the mutation process is incredibly painful, especially for weapons unaccustomed to such. The purging of monster souls is even more painful, and purging at the 100th is almost guaranteed to kill the weapon. These mutations, each on their own, are remarkably similar to the spells of a magic user, thus the origins of the levelled form’s name, Eibon’s Grimoire. Although any meister can resonate with an Axe or Grimoire, only witches and sorcerers are capable of the unique resonance known as an Arcane Resonance. This resonance grants the witch/sorcerer access to a single, powerful spell, unique to the pair, in addition to their resonance chain. The soul of a Hunter's Axe appears unstable in its construction, displaying variations of some of their mutations.

”The Unique Power Scaling of Axe Mutations”:
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Hunters' Axes (SERP Canon)
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