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PostSubject: Clowns/Pierrots   Clowns/Pierrots I_icon_minitimeNovember 24th 2016, 2:32 pm

Clowns/Pierrots THFxTlh
Clowns, known alternatively as Pierrots, are beings of total and complete madness made from  significantly high concentrations of madness in a given area. Their physical forms can consist of any material nearby the place of their “birth,” leaving extreme variations in their appearances, construction, and abilities. Upon creation, clowns are not known to have any true sense of conscience or morality at all, serving and knowing only a single, solitary purpose: the spread of their particular madness. Among the many, varying ways of doing such, they are able to do so by wavelength presence alone; their madness wavelengths have the capability to lure victims within the immediate area into said insanity, even going so far as to trigger horrendous visions. Their effectiveness varies based on strength of both inciter and victim, within their minds. On-site, clowns are marked to have a separate entity for souls, known as “Madness Orbs” which are only made applicable for the purposes of other clowns and merging, through Madness Fusion, with other beings. These constructs are capable of both regeneration and even reanimation, should a high enough concentration of their specific madness be available, as well as another clown of the same madness being present to assist in the process. Should a clown be completely destroyed, physically, a clown possessing the same madness can revive them using the deceased’s Madness Orb, but this is the only way for such to happen. Clowns are known to share their wavelength with their creator; for example, all of Asura’s clowns get their madness from his wavelength, rather than possessing their own.
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