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 Alex Ironsmith Dossier - The SOJMO

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PostSubject: Alex Ironsmith Dossier - The SOJMO   December 23rd 2013, 10:51 pm

Title: Soul Occupational and Justification Militarized Organization
Tenant: Unknown
Threat Level: Red
Goal: To justify the balance between good and evil
Secondary: To hunt down and capture Alex Ironsmith for experimentation

Additional Information: The SOJMO are one of the most high tech and well trained organizations on Earth. Their funding comes straight from the world governments for protection and secret assignments. They have highly trained and deadly mercenaries that can take down not only the worst of the worst, but their best soldiers can even take on a Demon Blade or a Kishin Egg. No one initially knows how this is possible or where this organization obtained the equipment to do such actions, yet they have been known to be too dangerous. Originally, their main purpose was to justify the means between the good and evil, to make sure balance stays in place. However, they recently took note on one "Alex Ironsmith," who had recently taken control of another soul within him. A soul so powerful, it could wipe out Kishins with just the snap of a finger. This creature had shown this organization great interest, they now wish to seek out Mr. Ironsmith and take him into custody for further experimentation and study. The SOJMO wanted to figure out how such a mere human could allow an ancient being's soul within his own. How this human could manipulate inhuman abilities to fight his foes. The SOJMO went as far as to classify Alex as "Mongrel," to indicate he is filth to others and that he is not welcome anywhere. It is advised to keep a well distance from this organization unless experienced enough to fight.
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Alex Ironsmith Dossier - The SOJMO
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