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 Kingdom of Broken Barriers

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PostSubject: Kingdom of Broken Barriers   May 4th 2014, 6:08 pm

Enter the kingdom of broken barriers, where the walls between not exist. In a modern-day earth, a year after a day named "The Reign.", during which Earth was invaded by mysterious black creatures named "Excul.", powerful monstrosities who brought chaos wherever they set foot on. During this invasion, several people gained powers of various anime and manga characters, allowing them to combat the Excul. Whilst some became the protectors of earth, the Liberators, others used this power for dark purposes, becoming Shades. Whilst these two sides continued their battle, a few people, named Dusks, chose their own destinies. Now, it is your turn. Enter the Kingdom of Broken Barriers, choose your side, and change your destiny...

More Info: Our nice little site is still under construction more or less, but we are all mature and we want to have fun. We accept writers of any and all skill levels. Have fun
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Kingdom of Broken Barriers
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