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 Yurio the Dragon

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PostSubject: Yurio the Dragon   Yurio the Dragon I_icon_minitimeJune 28th 2014, 3:32 pm

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Gender: Male.

Age: 7

Species: Dragon.

Love Interest: N/A

Weapon: Dragons don't do weapons.

Appearance: Yurio is a quadrupedal dragon about one and a half times as tall as a large horse and muscled much more heavily, especially in the chest area, due to the large flight muscles needed to power a pair of wings. Yurio's scales are varying shades of purple around the top of his body and a light cream colour on the underbelly and front of the chest. The scales on the underbelly are much soften than the ones at the top. Yurio's wings are like those of a bat. Yurio's eyes are a glistening red. On his head, Yurio has a large pair of ears, next to which are two horns.

Personality: Yurio is a tame and gentle beast and even though he is quite young, yet is very intelligent. Yurio is still very childish and often bickers with Glyndwr about stupid things like which one of them is going to clean up after Yurio's meals. (The number one excuse in Yurio's books is that he has no thumbs.) Yurio is mischievous when left unattended and will probably steal your lunch while you aren't looking. Amongst his childish features, however, are dotted traits of an earnest individual who cares deeply for those he deems his friends; even if he doesn't show it all the time.

History: Glyndwr, at the age of 9 was kidnapped by a group of witches who were experimenting on linking humans to different creatures, causing their minds and souls to be linked. The witches performed their experiments on Glyndwr and a dragon who was taken away from their nest when young, causing them to link and be reliant upon each other for survival. That dragon was Yurio. The duo attempted many times to go their separate ways during the start of their relationship, but the strong witch magic stopped this from happening. This is where Yurio and Glyndwr started travelling together, learning how to survive together and finally arrived together at the DWMA.

Miscellaneous: N/A

Fire BreathA normal dragon ability, yes? The breath isn't very long range, only really being dangerous for about two meters in front. The fire spreads in a cone.
FireballYurio builds up flammable gasses and liquids in his throat before setting in on fire and spitting it out at high velocity. Has a range of around 30 metres. Keeps the area of impact burning for about two posts.
Energy Share.Yurio can give Glyndwr, his bound partner, some of his energy. Dangerous ability, seeing as Yurio can give his whole life force away.
Hitting people with his body parts.Claws and a tail and wings make wonderful weapons.

Weaknesses: Yurio's underbelly is much softer than his tough top scales. The inside of Yurio's mouth is also a weakness. If Yurio's wings are punctured, the pain is almost unbearable.

Have You Read the Rules?
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PostSubject: Re: Yurio the Dragon   Yurio the Dragon I_icon_minitimeJune 30th 2014, 2:44 am

Work work work work, work work work, work work work.




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PostSubject: Re: Yurio the Dragon   Yurio the Dragon I_icon_minitimeAugust 11th 2016, 7:23 pm

Yurio the Dragon Char_c14

Personality and history both need to be extended to the proper 100 words.
Otherwise, if you plan on dropping/deactivating this character let me know!
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PostSubject: Re: Yurio the Dragon   Yurio the Dragon I_icon_minitime

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Yurio the Dragon
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