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 The Electi Gulid discussion thread.

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The Electi Gulid discussion thread. Empty
PostSubject: The Electi Gulid discussion thread.   The Electi Gulid discussion thread. I_icon_minitimeJune 21st 2015, 2:15 am

The Electi Gulid discussion thread. Black-rose-tattoo-picture

Name:  The Electi Gulid
*Electi: the chosen ones in Latin*

Purpose: To rid the world of humans, and through experimentation, create a race that they deem is more worthy of inhabiting the earth

Leader:  The Four: the four founders of the organization.

Home base: An abandoned research facility in a mountain region of Antarctica that's been fixed up. This is where the experiments are carried out, and where the leaders have staff meetings.  

Secondary base: An abandoned temple in the rainforests of South America, this is mostly used for training, meetings, and exchanging of information and materials.

Tertiary base: Mostly made just in case of emergencies, this base is the smallest of the two, and is in the Australian outback, a few miles away from the ocean. Surplus materials are usually stored here, and more skilled fighters for the organization train here and guard it.

Scattered bases: Non official bases like member's homes, or trading spots.


Experimentation: "Ah, yes indeed, we experiment for various reasons, them ranging from testing new chemicals to testing weapons, but of course our man objective is create a new race! We take the lowly humans to mold something new, something better than it was before. We do have a few side projects for entertainment purposes"

Training: "We train our members in both fighting techniques and of the world of science. They'll be helping in the experiments, and for defense, and when we're finally rid of the human scourge they'll be the in charge of reinforcing the laws the four make"

Dealing with humans: "Of course our primary objective is to exterminate the vermine, but it's also fun to domesticate the beasts as well, they make excellent slaves, servants and pets, when we take over they'll be great live stalk, we'd have to break them and dumb them down first. We have a few servants in the bases already, but they still have some of that ignorant stubborn streak that humans tend to have, nothing a few days of no food can't fix, hmm?"

Source of income and materials: "We take it from the humans of course! What's wrong with robbing a few fat, rich humans, they didn't deserve that wealth anyway, though how we kill them is a riot, we hire a HUMAN assassin, So just in case their authorities find them it's the human that gets punished, a real wheeze am I right? We also take advantage of the black market, it's funny how humans go through extreme lengths to get what they desire, even through illegal acts, filthy pathetic- Anyhow, we also like to trade, it's fair and balanced, unlike the currency system these humans have, most of their kind is in poverty and they're the ones working the hardest, and the ones living in luxury waste money as well. When, we're in power we're going to replace the system with trading, you start off making your own materials and food, and trade it for something better, simple right?"

Missions: "Our employees are tasked with missions, weither it's getting materials to getting more humans for experiments. Some missions might be take out the leader of a group or village,  or to take out the village itself. A solider may be asked to go recruit more members, or guard a certain place. Missions range from one task to another"

Witches: Will almost automatically be allowed to join, unless the leaders don't like you're attitude. Witches are allowed to have weapon partners, but the leaders will view them as nothing more than tools, So don't expect them to show any respect to your partner, no matter how much you value them.

Monsters: Are allowed to join, but aren't allowed to have a weapon partner unless the leaders feel like the monster needs a weapon. Monsters on their own will be treated WITH more respect than a monster with a weapon partner.

Kishin eggs: Not really allowed to join, but the leaders will ally with them temporarily, but won't hesitate to eliminate the kishin egg if they show signs of mutiny.

Weapons: They'll only be allied with if they have a monster or witch meisters. Dark weapons will be treated with more respect than a regular weapon,  but ultimately they'll be treated like dogs, a dark weapon being treated like a dog that well taken care of, but dogs none the less.

Humans: "Oh, you want to donate organs or a limb or two, of course you can join". Humans can "join" if they beg for their lives to be spared, but they'll be used as slaves, servants or pets if they are spared.

Roles and Leader figures

The Four: The four leaders, for now the positions are taken by the four founders.

Deputies: There are eight deputies, two chosen personally by each of the leaders. The deputies are in charge of reinforcing the organization rules, bringing in rule breakers, and of keeping in contact with the leaders as they check up on the bases. If the leaders or one of the leaders want to step down, they'll choose one of the deputies to take their place. The leaders give orders through the deputies.

"A member's role, one can have multiple titles while some are content with just one"

Soliders: The members who mostly want to fight and work more on fighting skills than experiments. Can be assasins, warriors, etc.

Scientists: Those who are more brains than brawn, they're more than happy to help dissect a human or two. They're the ones that aid the leaders in creating a new race.

Undercover: The members who are usually are used for transporting materials and humans and work in the shadows more than upfront. They are also used as spies and for giving secret messages.  

Registration application
This is to keep it tidy, and to give a heads up if your character(s) is going to join a recruiting thread.




Role(s): (What role(s) would they have?)

Race: (Human, weapon, witch or monster)

Weapon:(Do they have a weapon partner?)

Link to character sheet: (Insert character sheet link)

Skills:(any skills you want to point out?)

The work policy
" Members will acknowledge that humans are vermin, a scourge of the earth, and it is their duty to rid the world of their ignorance. They must swear to follow under the rule of the four, they must swear to be a loyal and productive member as well. Members must also acknowledge that what the four say is law, and refusing anyone refusing to comply will be punished."

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The Electi Gulid discussion thread.
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