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 Playing It Cool... Hopefully. (Private- Idoc and I)

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PostSubject: Playing It Cool... Hopefully. (Private- Idoc and I)   October 29th 2015, 10:08 pm

Nimba was pressing her back up against the Academy's stone wall that casted a cooling shadow over her icy body. She took multiple deep breaths, as beads of water formed all over her body and dripped off of her. Anyone else looking at her at the time would probably believe that she was abnormally sweaty, even for someone who lived out here in the Nevada desert. The truth however was strikingly shocking, Nimba was slowly melting. The sun bathed her pale skin that glistened and reflected surprisingly beautiful yet minor rays and beams of light. Anyone from Nimba's kind would most likely believe something was wrong with her but she didn't care. After all, the only person from her kind that she had met was her own mother and she must have been long gone by now. Nimba now knew that living out here may be a bit harder than she first came to believe. Luckily for her, she developed a plan for this.

Of course Nimba would be unable to bend the climate to her will to suit her body but she could modify herself to survive the climate. Deep within her body was dry ice she absorbed into herself. It kept her from immediately melting but life would most likely be very uncomfortable for her if it weren't for her home's AC and her own treats for on the go. Over her shoulder lay the strap of a duffle bag that doubled as a cooler. Nimba reached her hand right inside and pulled out a light blue popsicle. Immediately Nimba shoved into her mouth and felt herself slowly cool down. It'd be like this for her whenever she went out but she didn't mind. She was willing to make the sacrifices she had to, to meet her new friend in person.

After she finished eating the popsicle, she let its stick and wrapper simply just drop to the side. She then looked around at all of the students around her, trying to guess how they are. She was scared that someone may figure out what she really was. She may appear to be the same age as these students students but that was simply because of her unique biology. The truth was that she was simply to old to be attending highschool classes. But if anyone were to figure out about Jenova city, then she'll more than likely be hunted down by everyone. She was just lucky that there was someone capable of working her into the school's system. Now, the staff would simply believe that she was a transfer student from Alaska, a Meister. Of course, she will have to something for this person but she didn't have time to focus on that.

The school's loud bell would ring and a swarm of students flooded out of the school's front doors. Nimba however, could immediately spot him in the crowd, and she would make quick haste to travel through the swarm of people. She'd occasionally brush up against other people and send shivers down their spins but she was to excited to stop and apologize. When she finally reached him, Nimba shyly and carefully took a hold of his shoulder, "K-Ken-Kennith... Is that you?"
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Playing It Cool... Hopefully. (Private- Idoc and I)
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