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PostSubject: Meisters   Meisters I_icon_minitimeJanuary 8th 2018, 2:39 pm

Meisters Yn9bFhw

Known by a variety of alternative names, including Technician, Craftsman, Master, Worker, and Mechanic, Meisters are a class of humans that possess extraordinary wavelengths and can wield human weapons. To be most accurate, nearly anything can be a meister, so long as they are not a Weapon, themselves, unless they are wielding a blood-related family member. Characters with multiple classes should be placed in their other classes’ location, such as Monsters; witches/sorcerers are, by default, meister-capable, and thus do not belong in this category. Meisters placed in the Death Scythe category are put there with the notation "(M.T.)" in their title, signaling that they are an Academy teacher.

There are four recognized meister ability types, in canon. These four are: Utility, Genius, Bond, and Death Scythe. Utility Meisters have the capability of not only being able to wield multiple weapons or weapon types, but also being able to do so and resonate with multiple weapons, simultaneously. Genius weapons are more expanded upon in their ability to wield any weapon; should they become curious enough about the weapon form, they can accomplish some level of mastery over it, no matter what it is that it may be. Meisters that resonate through Bonds take their name from exactly that; they may only resonate with these particular weapons because they share a blood relation to them. Bond resonances are not limited by the wielder’s class and cannot be broken. The final canon ability type is known as Death Scythe Meisters. These technicians are capable of wielding at least one Death Scythe, and most have created one; those that have levelled a weapon to Death Scythe obtain the rank of 3-Star meister.

On the topic of stars, a single star rating means that the meister has been on at least one successful mission that involved combat; in short, this should include any meister in the EAT class. A two star rating means that the meister has graduated from the DWMA , displayed exemplary skill, or has unique talents and have been recognized by a teacher. Three star meisters obtain their rank as mentioned above, by forging their weapon partner into a Death Scythe through hard work and determination.
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