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 S.O.S [Private]

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PostSubject: S.O.S [Private]   S.O.S [Private] I_icon_minitimeMay 9th 2018, 11:39 pm

She hated this.

Hated all of it. Sinaloa tried to kid herself into thinking she didn't know why she was still there. But she knew. She had always known why she stayed. Just barely scraping by in grades and never collecting kishin eggs for herself. She did this because the DWMA had been her brother's dream, and she was just as scared of letting go of that as she was of actually killing things.

So the DWMA had set out to find her a partner. They set up a meeting point and a time. They would talk. Her wavelength wouldn't match, or they would flat out refuse her. Sinaloa didn't see the point in participating anymore, yet still she went, each time, to meet the meisters. Because Sinaloa couldn't leave her brother behind. She sat quietly at a table outside a coffee shop, strong black coffee sitting untouched in front of her as she waited for the latest pick to arrive.
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PostSubject: Re: S.O.S [Private]   S.O.S [Private] I_icon_minitimeMay 25th 2018, 9:12 am

Kacper was a very excited guy today. He was about to meet someone. Someone important. Someone special. Ever since the rumors went around, and his weapon left him, he's been searching for a new partner with fruitless results. So, after putting in a request, the academy sent him an email saying they scheduled a meetup with a partnerless weapon at some coffee shop. They included a brief description of the girl so that'd he know what to look for, as well as a small part of her past, only saying that she had been through many people, but none "suitable" for her weapon form.

As he approached the shop, he could hardly contain his excitement, doing his best to keep a calm and collected structure. He looked around for the girl the academy had described and upon finding, he approached her, a smile on his face.
"Hello, you must be Sinaloa. I'm Kacper Modrak. It's nice to meet you."
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S.O.S [Private]
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