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 Fun! Reality! More madness! (Open/Self RP)

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Fun! Reality! More madness! (Open/Self RP) Empty
PostSubject: Fun! Reality! More madness! (Open/Self RP)   Fun! Reality! More madness! (Open/Self RP) I_icon_minitimeJune 8th 2019, 6:45 pm

"Do you really think I have no idea what this thread is for? Do you really think I wouldn't notice what you've done, Rackie?" I asked my oh so cruel creator. He keeps forgetting that every time he does something on this site, that every time he has an idea that has something to do with my existence, I immediately know about it! Like right now, he's done something that I would have to be dead not to notice! "That... that thing... you've done... its entire existence affected me! Who knows what else it might affect! Merry? The Site? What is her real purpose, huh? Does she exist just so you can torture me?" I continued my monologue while walking through the NPCless streets of Death City. I felt like a person in a death row, waiting for his execution. I walked into Nine-Tails, sensing the imminent arrival of the new source of suffering and sat at the table, with a sigh.

"Hey, Raccoon, you look like s#$t! What happened?" Aurora asked, approaching my table. I looked around, noticing that the cafe out of nowhere became full of NPCs. Nothing unusual. After all, Aurora was around, so they had to appear. "Would you believe me if I told you that I feel in my bones that something... or someone is coming to make my life more miserable?" I asked her.
"Huh, am I not enough to make your life miserable?" Aurora asked jokingly, as she sat down at my table with a friendly smile spread across her lovely face.
I chuckled. "Hah, at least in your case it's fairly enjoyable... No, I feel that there is something that will really turn my life into a nightmare and that something is coming!" I told her. Her face showed an expression she always does when she believes that she's listening to the ramblings of a madman that I am. At that point, there is usually no point in trying to explain anything to her. "Would you bring me a cup of latte, please? That will cheer me up, even just a little bit." I told her with a weak smile. In response, she stood up and smirked at me again "Sure thing you silly raccoon-man!" She said jokingly as she went behind the counter to prepare my order. Ah, what can I say? Aurora, Luna and, obviously, MerryLynn are my favorite things about this world. My three favorite characters. One of which is my beloved waifu, hahah! I haven't seen her for a while though. I hope she's not weakened by the lack of strong madness affecting the world... I mean, I'm always here but... I'm getting worried...
"Here's your coffee, Raccoon! May this cheer you up!" Aurora said placing the coffee on my table. I looked at her and smiled as if I was looking at my savior. A smile quickly turned into a pained expression as I looked through the window. "I sense a great disturbance in the force..." I muttered.
Suddenly the door of the cafe opened violently and a shape waltzed inside this lovely place. That shape could be best described as a female version of me...

"HELLO BROTHER! I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR YOU!" Yelled the shape, which was, in fact, a person. A person which in reality I had never seen before. However, it was a person who according to the newest changes in the world... should be important to me.
"Oh no..." I muttered, hiding my face in my hands, seeing that feminine-looking human approaching my table.
"You're his sister?" Aurora asked the mysterious girl.
"Yup~! Name's Kira. Nice to meet you~!" Kira said, smiling happily.
"Aurora. Aurora Foster. The pleasure's all mine." Aurora replied with a smirk before patting me on the shoulder with her left, metal arm, which most of the time is a very unpleasant experience. "You've never mentioned you have a sister!" She said.
"Because I d..." I tried to say, but luckily Kira interrupted.
"Oh you know how it goes... He was probably too embarrassed to tell you that he's got a twin!" Kira explained.
Wait... I knew Rackie made me a sister but... a TWIN? Shouldn't she be supposed to made younger than me?! That would make more sense! But a TWIN?!
"Well, you two really look like twins! I mean, you two look so alike!" Aurora said, clearly enjoying the conversation with the newest source of my suffering and existential crisis...
"Yeah! He's the grumpy one though!" Kira joked. Both she and Aurora laughed, while I was on the edge of getting the strongest headache in the history of headaches.


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Fun! Reality! More madness! (Open/Self RP)
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