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 keeping track of character powers (not done yet)

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Vixy McCloud
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PostSubject: keeping track of character powers (not done yet)   November 17th 2013, 6:38 pm

Fox clones: she can make multiple clones of herself and other people, these clones are not stable though but they can hold her fake soul bombs

Soul bomb: it is a bomb that can be mistaken for a soul, it explodes on contact

Fire show: she shoots out a stream of fire works

Fox from: it's a fox with ginger colored fur, dark brown ears, white paws and a calico tail with a white tip

Soul switch: she can switch people's souls, this puts one person's soul in another person's body and vis versa

Fox hole: it's an emergency escape route  that can teleport anyone that jumps in it but once Victoria jumps in it the hole disappears


Fox form: it's an arctic fox the size of a regular red fox, the claws on the fox can be frozen so they get bigger and more deadly, his paws are icy blue

Chilling howl: this howl chills the air around kin and has the potential to freeze anything near him

Glacier stomp: kin stomps on the ground sending his freezing soul wave link through the ground causing glaciers to form where the wave link is directed

Slicer claw: kin can form ice on his hands to form claws, slicer claws can effortlessly slice through objects like thick cloth and flesh. However these claws can easily be broken by a heavy force, which isn't much of a problem for kin because he can form slicer claws easily

Hook claws: these claws are thicker than the slicer claws and are great for climbing, keeping a grip on his opponents, and making huge slashes. However these claws don't slash through thick cloth as easily as the slicer claws and they take a bit longer to form.

Crusher claws: these claws are big and bulky with the potential to crush bones or thick branches. However when kin uses these claws he can bend his fingers so these claws are more fanned out and flat so they also help with  pushingobjects and keeping enemies down on the ground

Arorua blast: it's a beam that's colored like the northern lights and is extremely cold, this attack freezes the soul of anyone it hits, which means that person can't use any soul related powers until the ice in their soul melts, this usually last for 30 minutes. However the person can still connect with their weapon if they have one

Fox form: its a fennec fox the size of a regular red fox, his paws are a fiery brown color and he can form fire on them for a fire slash

fiery bark: kiro lets out a fox bark which sends out a short wave of fire

Fire claw: it really isn't a claw but if kiro uses the fox claws on his hand it can be fire claw, he can also ball his hand into a fist and do a fire punch
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keeping track of character powers (not done yet)
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