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 Race around the Academy! [Open to 1 other weapon/meister pair]

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PostSubject: Race around the Academy! [Open to 1 other weapon/meister pair]   May 4th 2014, 3:32 am

[OOC] This is a simple run around the DWMA. 3 laps and the winner will be decided. Why do we write about this? Because obviously we are going to cheat in the most hilarious ways possible! Anything goes cept for actually fully transforming our weapons and having it out. Try not to get to crazy with it. I know god modding is more than likely to occur but keep it as limited as possible. Having a hidden skate board, or roller blade shoes or something is fine for example, but the line is clearly drawn at giant death robots, motorcycles, and any other thing you can't easily conceal on your person. We don't really need a judge but if you want to you can =D.

Players: Weapon/Meister 1: Zerieth
Meister 2:
Weapon 2:


"Why are we out here?" Kai asked his scythe already knowing the answer to his question. The two were standing just outside the academy in their gym clothes. Raphael, the younger of the pair and Kai's weapon, was sitting on the ground doing stretches. He seemed to be very ambitious today, something that was a bit out of the ordinary.

He scoffed at his partners question as if it was obvious. "Since the few days I've been here I haven't done one memorable thing. I want to race another meister and their weapon around this building. That's why we're out here."

"I have no idea why i let you talk me into these things." Already Kai had been the victim of several dumb ideas his partner had had. All he really wanted was to do well in school, capture the requisite 99 souls needed to make a death scythe, and then live a happy life running some business of some kind. His parents had left him plenty of money to start with, an amount that would make a few people pretty jealous if they had ever found out, but he first wanted to make a difference in the never ending war against the Kishin. "Well, at least we can meet some new people," he said, thinking aloud.


"Well I was just thinking we've been so busy moving into the apartment that we haven't had much time to socialize. I'm sure we'll want to do a our first jobs with a few other, more experience shall we say, people. I don't know about you, but I have no intention of dying for a worthy cause so early into my career."

The child weapon began laughing a bit. "Neither do I."

The sound of people approaching brought a pause to the conversation as the pair looked towards the doors to see who they would be racing. The challenege had been pretty general, something shouted in the lunch room. Raphael couldn't suppress a wide grin. He couldn't wait to see who had accepted.
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Race around the Academy! [Open to 1 other weapon/meister pair]
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