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 Fennik Kussen (Accepted)

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PostSubject: Fennik Kussen (Accepted)   July 11th 2015, 11:15 am

Name : Fennik Kussen

   Gender/Sex: Male

   Age: 100

   Species: Nekomata

   Love Interest: None

   Orientation :Straight

   Weapon: Fennik uses only his claws(and sometimes tails) in combat

   Appearance: As he is a shapeshifter,he can have any form,but normally his height in his "normal" form is about 25 cm,in his "combat" form,he is the size of a horse,and can be used as a mount.
    In his human form,He is about 1 meter and 45 centimeters
    When he is in he is in his Human form,he uses a black hoodie,his tail is entirely black with a white tip
    In his Normal form,he is a black kitty,with two tails,his Paws,belly and the tip of the tail are white,in his combat form,he is the same thing,but he is bigger,and has fire around his tails and paws.

   Personality: As all cats,Fennik is lazy,in his human form,it doesnt change at all,but,when his friends life is in danger or they are sad,he always try to help them,he doesnt know
     a lot about humans,and somethings that he just cant understand.

   History: Fennik was once a normal cat,he lived a normal life in a rich Samurai's house,one day,the people who lived in the house said that they saw a "ghost",though,the samurai didn't care,he just continued living there.
But,one day,when one of the servants of the samurai was making taking the breakfast to him,he saw the samurai dead on his bed,Fennik,his cat,was inside the room,which was locked all night,and when the servant was going to scream for help,there was a complete silence...
exorcists became interested in the case,and started investigating,but with no clue of what happened.
One day,when they where going to give up,he saw a cat,Fennik,with two tails,he called the others that were helping him to catch Fennik,but looks like Fennik understood what he was going to do,and when they tried to shoot Fennik with a arrow,he ran away,using his shapeshifting powers for the first time,but,it wasn't enough,as they were the most skilled exorcists in the region,Fennik noticed that,he stopped runing,facing them,they thought: "What is he doing ?.."
It was the last time anyone heard of them...
Fennik now wanders around Death City,nobody seems to care about a Demon Cat in their city,but the   DWMA,which hunt Fennik,even today.

   Miscellaneous: Fennik can be used as a pet,and,due to be a Nekomata,he can eat souls.

ShapeshiftingFennik uses this alot,for alot of reasons,from getting the cookies,to shapeshift into a weapon to be used by his friends
Nekomata FireFennik summons a black fire,which is controlled at Fennik's will,he can also change the shape of the fire,for example : Create a dragon and make it fly around.
Ghost PowersDue to being a Nekomata,Fennik posseses some ghost abilities,such as:Flying,going through objects,being invisible.
Though,this has a weakness:He cant go throught magic objects like a Magic Sword,for example
Weaknesses:Water,those red-laser-dot-thingys(He is easily distracted by them),wolves,dogs.

Have You Read the Rules?

"Come with me,overhelming power and madness awaits!"

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PostSubject: Re: Fennik Kussen (Accepted)   August 11th 2015, 10:33 am

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Fennik Kussen (Accepted)
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