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 Glyndwr Arget, the fake warlock.

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PostSubject: Glyndwr Arget, the fake warlock.   March 27th 2016, 6:24 pm

Name: Glyndwr Arget.

Gender: Male

Age: 19
27th September

Weapon: A combat knife and his magic.

Love Interest: Aurora Boyd.

Appearance: Glyndwr's usual attire consists of button up shirts of different colours, coupled with a pair of jeans and smart brown shoes or black canvas shoes. While subject to change somewhat to whatever the occasion happens to make most appropriate, this is his preferred clothing choice. One occasion that always warrants a change in clothing is battle; mission clothing, as he calls it, consists of loose fitting black cargo trousers tucked into a heavy pair of steel toe capped boots, to give a boost to his already powerful kicks. Rather than a button up shirt, he wears a tight t-shirt, also entirely black, with a riding jacket on top; gets awfully cold high up. While not usually wearing them, he also has a pair of thick, black, leather gloves tucked into a pocket somewhere on his person, also for riding on his companion, Yurio. Standing at 6'2'', Glyndwr weighs 148lb; he is still tall and thin, however, with low body fat, due to years of swordsmanship and knife fighting training and dragon riding. He still possesses a higher degree of agility than strength, though coupled with the physical changes he was subject to, both are above average when it comes to humans.

Origin: With an amiable face of fairly soft facial features, Glyndwr mostly stands out due to his striking purple eyes and hair of the same colour, fading into white, gradually, down to the tips. Most of the time, this hair is kept tucked between his ears, and swept to the side, to keep it from falling over his eyes, though it's easily long enough to cover one or both of his eyes if allowed to. Hairpins are a useful addition to his mission clothing. When getting a close look at his face, one might notice a few strange things; strangely sharp canine teeth, and very slightly elongated pupil shape. Nothing that most could notice at a glance, but there nonetheless.

Soul Protect Down: When Glyndwr lowers the barriers that prevent his now witch-like soul from being seen as that, his appearance undergoes a very drastic transformation. With a burst of purple flames, his features and hair change; soft features become sharper, and his ears become slightly pointy, and somewhat longer. His elongated pupils become even more like those of a cat or lizard, slit in nature. Canine teeth becoming longer, almost like short fangs. His hair, rather than staying down, looks as if swept back, but also spiky, almost like flames itself; as you move back, his hair flattens out gradually, continuing with the swept look.

Dragon Resonance: Upon resonating with his companion, Glyndwr undergoes another transformation, likely in the absence of an real animal form. Around the front, hair flows around from the left side of his face to the right, and then back, and the entirety looks like a fire, billowing backwards, though still also is obviously hair. His eyes change shape entirely, becoming narrower, and somewhat pointed, while the irises seem to shift in colour between various shades of purple. Canine teeth becoming fully fanged, those directly behind them also become pointed. Ears almost begin to resemble those of his companion. His entire face becomes sharp and thin, with pronounced features. 

Personality: Glyndwr is a thoughtful person. He will attempt to get anyone out of danger before himself; this however does not mean that he will place himself in mortal danger for no good reason. He will judge every factor he can see and take into account any details when making any decisions out in battle. His serious side is a calculating yet strangely compassionate one, yes, but the side to him that most people see first is the fun loving, friendly and curiously cultured teenager that shows a surprising range of random talents, likes and dislikes. Following his transformation into a half-warlock, one of Glyndwr's quirks became more pronounced; his room filled with random tat will start to become more cluttered, as he collects more memorabilia from anywhere he visits. However, there are also some very positive things that come from the change: Higher mental acuity being the most prominent, and with that his reflexes.

History: Glyndwr, at the age of 9 was kidnapped by a group of witches who were experimenting on linking humans to different creatures, causing their minds and souls to be linked. The witches performed their experiments on Glyndwr and a dragon who was taken away from their nest when young, causing them to link and be reliant upon each other for survival. During the procedure to link Yurio and Glyndwr, his soul was forced to reshape itself, causing changes to both him and his appearance. These small changes seemed very minor when they were compared with the malleable soul wavelength he gained due to his linking.

Years after these experiments, and after a long time in the DWMA, Glyndwr finally learned of the true nature of the witches linking. They tried to create an artificial witch or warlock. Never being truly successful in their ventures, then gave up on the experiments; these were not failures however. Upon attempting Soul Resonance with his partner, the magic holding the two together backfired on Glyndwr, and reshaped his soul further, and further altered his appearance, along with giving him abilities like those of a warlock.

Miscellaneous: Glyndwr can use weapons that do not have a compatible soul wavelength with his own, without any of the side effects that another incompatible meister and weapon do, thanks to his wavelength being able to adjust; the one limitation is that he cannot use soul resonance techniques with these weapons. After his transformation, he found that this ability remained.

After the transformation, Glyndwr and Yurio are no longer bound by such strong magic, and do not experience pain when apart, but very minor discomfort.


Glyndwr has three levels of abilities to speak of. Level 1 are those that are innate and available while his soul protect is up, in Origin form. Level 2 are those that he may access once his Soul Protect is down and his magic is free. Those of Level 3 are available only during Dragon Resonance.

Soul Protect:
Apparently, his soul protect isn't prefect. Anyone with soul perception can tell something is up with his soul. He can, however, use a little bit of magic. Floating things, being the extent of it. 1
Soul PerceptionJust as it says on the tin.1
Visual Acuity and Flame ResistanceGlyndwr can see in the dark, from a very large distance and movement is very clear to him; all this being closer to the sight of a dragon than a person. Flame resistance is also a change that brings him closer to being like a dragon.1
FireballsGlyndwr can create a burning ball of purple flame, and throw it. Simple as that.2
Flame controlGlyndwr can create and control flames, both normal, and his own purple kind.2
Flame Object: Flame BladesGlyndwr can make entire swords or other bladed weapons, from flame, without the use of another object,
and can make as many as the situation allows. Can only make them in his hands, but can then drop or throw any he makes.
Flame WingsA pair of wings of fire, allowing Glyndwr to fly; these tend to take him a lot of concentration, so they're not exactly suitable for use in battle just yet.2
Flame Object: Potent Flame SwordWhile working on his abilities allowed him to use some of the abilities he would only be able to use during Resonance with Yurio with only his sould protect being down, those were replaced by more potent versions. He can set a stream of plasma on his knife, to the length of a sword; this has huge cutting potential.3
Flame Object: Flame ShieldSame as Flame Sword, but with a shield, instead. Limited to one at a time.3
InfernoGlyndwr creates a sustained jet of flame, originating in a point between his hands. This jet of flame is similar to his companions fire breath. The jet is at most 10 feet long and 4 feet wide, at it's widest.3
Flame Object:
Flame Armour
Glyndwr can create a few pieces of armour from his flames, similarly to how he'd create a shield.3
Flame Object:
Glyndwr is able to create general objects from flame, beyond just weapons or armour. These don't stick around long, and usually when Resonating he's a little too distracted to make anything of much use in battle.3

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PostSubject: Re: Glyndwr Arget, the fake warlock.   September 27th 2016, 9:38 am


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PostSubject: Re: Glyndwr Arget, the fake warlock.   July 10th 2018, 3:18 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Glyndwr Arget, the fake warlock.   

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Glyndwr Arget, the fake warlock.
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