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 Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes

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Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes Empty
PostSubject: Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes   Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes I_icon_minitimeJanuary 6th 2019, 3:01 pm

Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes YGHunJF

Evangeline and Bartholomew (Bart/Barry) Marino

Gender/Sex: Female, Male

Age: 27

Meister: Noelle Fogg

Weapon Form:
Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes PQJqnrw
Strange as it is, their weapon form is seemingly heredity, to a rather extreme degree; anyone in their family that turns out to be a weapon ends up having the same form, visually. Because of this, like their human forms, Evangeline and Barry's weapon forms are twins. Their weapon form is that of an iron battle axe, used almost exclusively for melee combat. In this, it works identically to how any mundane axe would be used. Despite being bladed, however, they operate better for sheer force, as though they were were blunt weapons. While cutting and chopping is clearly possible with their forms, stabbing and slashing is relatively pointless. If needed, the chains can be unwrapped from around the top of the axes and held by the meister, in order to be used as medium range weapons, rather than exclusively for close combat.
Unlike their human forms, the weapons themselves are visibly identical. It is in their abilities that they differ. Eva has an elemental affinity for earth, while her brother's is electricity. As Death Scythes, they have some of their own abilities (WIP), but other things are dependent entirely on the meister that is using them. Of course, the most obvious example of this is simply what resonance chain they have, but some of their other abilities will differ, as well.

Love Interest: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Orientation (Sexual/Romantic): Bi (both)

Subjects Taught: Close Combat, Melee Weaponry, Spanish (native Spanish, not Latin American)

School Affiliation: European DWMA branch

Though fraternal, the twins actually look a fair enough bit alike, with each seeming to be the gender swapped version of the other. Their skin is pale and smooth, hard to mar and harder to tan, with matching red hair and eyes. Even their parts and cowlicks are the same; they can't seem to hide this fact no matter what either of them does to their hair, save to shave it off completely. Eva stands over a foot shorter than her brother, and keeps her hair long, stretching down fair enough that, if left loose, she mistakingly sits on it at times. Because of this, it is often held in high ponytails or other styles, if not completely wrapped up and relatively out of sight. She is thin, lightly muscled, with a slight slouch to her back from her hobbies. Barry on the other hand is built like a small tank, and spends much of his spare time doing some form of physical activity; he has a strong fondness for climbing, and as such is gone at times for hiking and mountain climbing. Much to his dismay, he can't get her to join on most of these trips, as her weaker, asthmatic body, does not hold the same fondness as his. Still, they keep in fairly good health, and can keep up with the training they maintain to be the most effective DS teachers that they can be.

While not polar opposites by any means, the twins' differences carry over into their personality traits. Eva is a relaxed, practical, realistic, and patient person, able to spend hours straight on the most tedious tasks so long as there's an end goal to the endeavor. Tasks that she sees as pointless, on the other hand, are deemed unworthy of her attention, and thus abandoned or outright ignored. Habits of hers consist mainly of small hand gestures, used for different versions of recall; the obvious display of this is simply counting, but she will ocassionally tap her fingers to some sort of rhythm, as one of her memorization methods involves music and rhythms. When left alone, she keeps music playing at all times, sometimes replacing the audio of games, shows, and even movies, with such in order to better recall things that happen while occupying her time with such things. Barry, meanwhile, is a louder type, energetic though not of the bubbly or bouncy sort, merely the type to keep going as though he were always wide awake and in a good mood. His own nervous ticks are mostly just a need to keep himself moving, usually shifting his feet or running in place. His personality is bright, often blinding or smothering, though he lacks the patient lead of his sister, quick to switch moves at the drop of a hat.

The twins grew up in a fairly normal household, the children of a NOT weapon father and his childhood sweetheart, a mundane woman from his hometown. They lived a peaceful life up until puberty, where a bullying spat against Eva had the end result of both twins transforming in one fashion or another to defend her from the encounter. After the attackers fled, the pair spent the better half of an hour trying to return themselves to their fully human forms before making their way back home. Excitedly informing their parents about the incident, their mother grew concerned over the bullying itself, while their father was just excited to have both of his children be weapons. They were enrolled at the DWMA for the following year, finishing up their current grade before attending. About a year later, their parents came to inform them that their jobs had them transfering to Europe, and that they would visit as they could. After some debate, the kids opted to move with them, attending the DWMA branch there so that they could visit their parents during breaks. Until recently, they remained there. However, their younger brother turned out to be a weapon as well, showing an even greater weapon prowess than the the twins, who had always been used together. In a promise to their mother, they moved back to Death City with Derrick, helping him get set-up there while they work to transfer their own DWMA teaching jobs to the main academy.


AbilityDescription Souls
Ability DescriptionSouls


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Eva and Barry Marino | Death Scythes
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