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 Endlessly (Semi-literate, fantasy, wolf rpg)

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PostSubject: Endlessly (Semi-literate, fantasy, wolf rpg)   December 15th 2013, 12:27 am

In the beginning, there was Decer and Etina. Decer was the father of the heavens with a coat as black as the night sky. Etina, his wife, was the mother of the earth and it's creatures. Her fur was the color of freshly fallen snow. Each day Etina walked her green earth but despite all of the creatures that walked the ground with her from the stag to the crow, there was something missing in her heart.

Etina was unable to bear pups and though she had made peace with that fact from the beginning of time, it was a fact that ate at her very being each spring with the young of the animals frolic in the meadows. Decer, seeing his wife's pain, created a creature that mirrored their image but would walk on the earth. This was the very first wolf as we are today.

Etina named her earth bound son Delnos. Delnos, like his mother, had a love for the earth and growing things, but as he grew, it became apparent to him that he was alone. Once again, Decer created a wolf to accompany Delnos in his daily life. Her name was Lenore with a coat painted as the sunrise, where Delnos was painted as the dusk.

It was not long after that Lenore was laden with pups as she and Delnos had quickly fallen in love. When the spring came and her pups were both, the creatures of the forest came forth and blessed each pup with the strength of the forest. From these pups descended the species of wolves we know today.

Over time these wolves created their packs and grew in number. As each generation came, the wolves grew strong and eventually became the leading force in the world. Kings and Queens held court with their followers and the kingdoms began. Though there were skirmishes over various things, the world largely lived in peace. The wolves of Ardenal created alliances and treaties that would last for lifetimes. As the world continues to change and grow, the treaties that once stood may not be enough to protect the peace in our land.
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Endlessly (Semi-literate, fantasy, wolf rpg)
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