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 Survival game idea rp thingamajig.

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Vixy McCloud
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PostSubject: Survival game idea rp thingamajig.    September 25th 2015, 11:34 pm

A game of wits, survival of the fittest

[This an idea I had when I was walking to school, there's some dream aspects n whatnot that I left out and modified it for Rping purposes]

individuals from around the world ranging from ages 14 to 19 are chosen by a mysterious game master that controls an alternate post apocalyptic world that can only be accessed through ones dreams.

When the individual is placed in the alternate world, they'll start in a dark room, where a disembodied voice tells them the rules of the world, and allows them to design their "character", one's character is their self of course, but they're allowed one power, the option to have an animal form, and one starter weapon.

Afterwards you'll be dropped into the world, and you'll have to survive and make territory for yourself, travelers are less likely to survive than those who settle down and protect a patch of area.

Of course, you'll have to find an ideal area or building to set up a base, resources are limited and forests are small and scattered randomly across the desert like terrain, so choose your place wisely.

Rules for the world:

1) Your will not and cannot be op to start off with, for example, you may want to have extreme strength, however, "newbs" can't start off with rhino like strength, they'd start off with a strength that would equal someone their age who's in great shape.

2) Mind control powers are allowed to a certain extent, the only type of "mind control" that's really allowed is
-Control over animals

-Being able to be extremely persuasive, a.k.a manipulation.

Complete mind control over humans is not allowed.

3) You're allowed to have an animal form along with your ability, having an animal form may help with survival instincts and certain skills. The animal form can be anything you want, even made up hybrid animals, however, if the animal you chose would have a mystical ability, like a dragon being able to breath fire, you wouldn't be able to have that mystical ability and the ability you chose in the beginning. A warning comes with this option; those with animal forms may see their personality change a bit, for example, if you choose an animal form that would burnt be aggressive and you're a pacifist, you'll find yourself more eager to get into fights, or if you're brave and choose an animal that has shy tendencies, you might not be at outspoken as you were before you came into this world. So choose wisely.

Tips for the world

1) If you choose to be a loner, it's best that you choose a location that has enough resources that can only support one or two people, this'll discourage those who have grouped together from trying to take your area due to minimal resources. Living alone has its perks, like not having to worry about others, or competing for leadership.

2) Those who pack together should keep in mind that having those who contribute little and are weak are sorta a drag, and you should avoid weak links. Those who are ok with weak members are encouraged to have the Alpha and omega ranks, those who contribute more will be respected more and treated better than someone who doesn't do much, this might push those weaker individuals to work harder to rise in the ranks, or to discourage moochers from joining your group.

3) Try to learn how to grow things, if you're having trouble with trying to figure out how, get an instructional guide from a library (if you can find one), or team up with someone with experience or knowledge.

Mostly desert or barren landscape, forest and wildlife and scattered randomly across the  mostly dead terrain, water sources are either scarce in an area, or hidden in underground caverns. Even though snow is as rare as rain nowadays, when you go up north it will be colder, especially at night.

Animals are still around, you might even be lucky to find an abandoned farm with some of the livestock still lingering around, however, the animals are much more aggressive than they'd normally be, so beware and take caution.

Abandoned cities are scattered around as well, but are more common than forest land, and most of the time there's some abandoned store, and luckily for you, the game master (the one who plopped you into this world) has made it were that the food inside will be fresh (or sorta fresh). For now. So get it while it's not covered in mold n whatnot.

Another aspect of the city/town patches is that the game master made sure that there's a power generator that can power the whole city/town area. However, you have to find a way to get it running, which there's many ways, but why not let you figure it out, hmm?~<3 Just choose what you use to power it wisely.

Hey, hey, hey, surprise surprise, sometimes the Game Master (or Mr GM for short) may pop in randomly to give tips to some people, but don't count on him coming during a time of need though.

Have fun n whatnot~.


Character form:

Name: ((Self explanatory))
Age:((Self explanatory))
Gender:((Self explanatory))
Ability:((Choose one))
Animal form:((Optional))
Appearance:((You can keep it brief, but get the essentials like eye color, skin color, hair color and design, and clothing, adding other details will add depth))
Personality:((You can keep it brief, but don't have it too vague))


*Once your character is made and approved, the character will wake up in the middle of a city square*
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Survival game idea rp thingamajig.
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