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 Spider Bride part 2

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PostSubject: Spider Bride part 2   March 27th 2016, 1:14 pm

Later that evening, when the funeral had ended, the bride woke in her coffin. Her body glowed a deep red and dissolved into a million hairy spiders. They crawled through the cracks in her coffin. Inch by inch they pushed their way to the earth until they reached the surface. They erupted from the dirt mound covering her grave.  Slowly they joined together to reshape the witch's body. She wore a long black gown and her face was veiled by a thin piece of web.  She picked up her funerary bouquet then placed it over the grave of her groom.  

"I'm sorry Abram,"  she sighed.  "I wanted to give you the life you deserved. I couldn't lose you, not to her. You probably don't remember what happened, maybe you do, but I was lost without you. During those ten years I thought about us, what we should have been. Every year seemed an eternity and it was all because of her.  I had to do it, I couldn't let her win."  She wiped tears from her eyes, "I hope you can understand this and rest peacefully.  I know I won't be with you where you are now but I will always be thinking of you and those wonderful years we shared together.  You were my best friend, my first and only love. I will protect you and our children and I will never let anyone take you away from me again,"  she said though gritted teeth.  "Rest in peace Abram, I love you."  She placed the bouquet onto his mound. Then she kissed her palm and placed it on his marker.

"Feeling sentimental?"  A voice called from behind her. It was one of her gods.

"Don't be foolish it's only been a few minutes."  She growled.

"And look at yourself, already weepy eyed.  A whiff of this and those troubles should go away."  He conjured a vial of "Tears of Belladonna".

"Do you really expect me to drown my sorrow with self-induced delirium? I'm trying to mourn over my lovers grave! Now shove off!!"  She demanded.

"Watch your tone with me spider!  We had an agreement remember and you are to follow our orders exactly understood?  Or do you want to end up like your predecessor?"  Looking over at the window sill of her home she remembered the fly she fed to the spiders.

"Are you threatening me?!"  She spat.

"I'm warning you.  There are forces even I have to answer to. The fates, they hold sway even over one such as I and my brethren.  Magic transactions are forever binding. You should learn to live with that."  

"Should I have chosen a different path then?"  She asked.  

"You chose the path of love dear. Tis a very noble and true path indeed. For that I commend you, you saved the life of another and sided with myself and my brethren in the process."  The bride rolled her eyes. "Only now you've reached the crossroads dear. You can't go back to where you started dear, you've made a deal with us and now your lover is dead. By default you have to choose another route. You may choose to give up and suffer eternally allowing your enemies to win, or you can continue on merrily and become immortal."  

"And my third choice?"  She asked.

"Third, what third choice?"  The god asked.

"Well you said I've reached a cross road and all crossroads have four paths. I can't travel back on the road I've traveled and you've told me three of my options what's the fourth?"  She asked.

"Care to find out? It may end up leading to one of the two paths not yet traveled.  There's a chance it's not the one you want. Are you willing to risk it after coming this far?" The god sneered.

"No..."  the witch grumbled.

"very good," he said. A loud uproar in one of the houses interrupted their conversation.  An angry couple of villagers arguing.

"I hear throats pleading to be slit."  The god grumbled while covering his ears.

"They are a bit irritating."  The witch snickered.

"Then silence them."  The god growled.

"Right now?  I just crawled out of my own grave."  She complained.

"And what better way to get the juice flowing then cutting up a couple of bickering goats."  He cackled. The spider bride looked over at the house. Grinding her teeth she listened to them bellowing loudly.  Their voices were hoarse and set her nerves on edge.  Holding out her hand a black dagger appeared. Clenching it's hilt tightly she silently walked over to the house.

"That's it lovely, nice and easy. When it is all over they'll never want to argue again."  The god hissed.  The witch blew the door off its hinges and lashed out at the couple.  She drove the blade into the husband's neck then did the same to his wife. Together they gurgled on their blood and collapsed to the floor. Unable to scream  the color receded from their faces until the last bit of light vanished from their eyes. Holding the dagger over them the witch recited a spell.

"Take their souls which I have found, and let their bodies rot beneath the ground. Let their spirits go forth into the night, and plunge into the void away from light. Retreat to the shadows in this darkest hour, to greet the devil and add to his power."  A blue colored light floated from their bodies and into the blade.  Walking from the house she approached her god and handed him the knife.  

"Wonderful dear. Tell me, how did that feel?"  He asked taking the blade from her.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"How did it feel to kill them? To jab the end of this blade into their throats?"  He asked.

"Doesn't matter..." She grumbled, "it didn't feel like anything."

"Liar, you felt it didn't you?  That need to kill! That urge to destroy life. You wanted to kill them admit it."  He jeered.

"I did what needed to be done."  The spider spoke.

"Indeed you did dear, for yourself. Also it had to be done as a part of the natural order of things. Destruction is a must and it's something very few in this world are willing to do. You are now an agent of destruction. It is your purpose and the root of your being so cheer up."

"Cheer up?"  She asked.

"You'll get used to it." He giggled, "the sway of your magic will enable the change to occur. You just have to let go."

"Will it ever stop? Destruction can't always be the end it has to stop at some point right?" She asked.

"Not for your dear. The only way you can stop is to be stopped.  You can't go against your nature, it's like trying to hold back a typhoon using a wooden shield.  You have to accept this or your  magic will turn on you." The bride looked up at him confused. "Oh did I forget to mention that? Well let me explain dear; your magic will kill you if you don't use it regularly. You must release it into the world as it is meant to be. Wherever you go  suffering and misery will be left in your wake. If you try to resist you're body will whither from the magic eating away at it. If released regularly it has a positive effect keeping you youthful and protecting you from harm.  Oh, and I should mention if you do decide to off yourself you'll only be reincarnated as a witch again. You see once you've sided with destruction, there's no going back.  In the event you are destroyed, you'll be reunited with your new mother, the void itself.  Within its womb your soul shall dwell until it is time to renter the world.  When you do, you shall be an animal and when your magic has become strong enough you can transform back into your human self. You won't have any memory of this of course but this cycle shall be the norm until the end of time.  Happy trails gorgeous."  The god laughed then vanished in a puff of black smoke.  The spider bride shivered in the cold night air.  No longer wishing to remain in the village she rose from the ground and into the night sky, forsaking her life again as the spider.
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Spider Bride part 2
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