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 Partnered Pairs

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Partnered Pairs Empty
PostSubject: Partnered Pairs   Partnered Pairs I_icon_minitimeMay 11th 2014, 1:09 pm

The Good...

Weapon + Meister
Claire (Angel Scythe) + Justice
Akira (Qilinbian) + Savannah
Lucille (Longbow) + Glyndwr
Suko (Multi-Function Gun) + Gamma
Carrie (Laser Arm Cannons) + Axel
Trinity (Broadsword) + Edward
Maximilian (Compound Bow) + Natalie
Vivian (Diamond Gauntlet) + Dexter
Helmut (Fully Operational Mech Suit) + Beyril
Kharen (Scythe) + Caitlin
Tiala (Sword) + Martyn
Maximilian (Clockwork Compound Bow) + Natalie
Drake (Plasma Scythe) + Nora
Kazuu (Purple-handled Chainsaw) + Sakura
Martin (Ninjatō) + Sky
Valkyrie (Steel Wings) + Zilhin

Weapon + Witch Meister
Johnathon (Japanese Tessen) + Aurora (Sugar Glider)
Ace (Kusari-gama) + Emalia (Kirin)
Tony (Double-Ended Scythe) + Lynne (Red Panda)
Arthur (Foldout Sword) & Ben + Aurora (Fennec Fox)
Arc (.44 Magnum Revolver) & Vixio + Akio (Dragon)

Death Scythe + Meister
Sylas (Staff/Battleaxe) + Dowan
Kyllic (Japanese Nagata Sword) + Rose
Darek (Handheld Compound Crossbow) + Ms. Himura
Kataro (Gun Boots) + Spencer

Death Scythe + Witch Meister

The Bad...

Dark Weapon + Meister

Dark Weapon + Witch Meister
Trinity (Gunbai) + Yumerki (Rabbit)

Demon Weapon + Meister

Demon Weapon + Witch Meister

The Mixed Company

Dark Weapon + Witch Meister
Riel: (Vorpal Blade; Butcher Knife) + Akiyo Muto (Snowy Owl)

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Partnered Pairs
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