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 The Mistress' Thread Log (Of death .-.)

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PostSubject: The Mistress' Thread Log (Of death .-.)   May 26th 2016, 9:05 pm

Current Thread Masterlist (Out of Order):
Page Coding:
Dead Character
Dropped or Missing Character*

  1. Pretend You Care About Something, Please? (Dead): Rin
  2. "Shadow of a Girl" (Active): Vas intro
  3. "This is madness! Madness? This. Is. Reality!" (Active): MerryLynn intro - meeting Raccoon
  4. "Chin Up, Buttercup!" (Active): Crystal, Rose
  5. "Ninja Storm" (Active): Rogue - meeting Anna
  6. "Those bite!" (Finished): Aurora, Rogue
  7. "Double the Trouble, Half the Headache" (Dead): Rogue
  8. "A Very Special Day" (Active): Jazz, Justice, Tony
  9. "Painting the Roses Red" (Active): Crystal, Rose, Rin
  10. "Painting the Town" (Active): Vanja
  11. "It's Been a While" (Active): Jazz, Joe, Lily
  12. "Aurora and Aurora, The Angel and the Devil" (Active): Aurora
  13. "Nine O'Clock on a Saturday, the Regular Crowd Shuffles in"
  14. The Lure Awakened Pt. 1[/u] (Finished): Justice (Soul Hunt)
  15. The Lure Defeated Pt. 2 (Finished): Vanja (Soul Hunt)
  16. Like a Box of Chocolates (Active?): Jazz
  17. The Arget Residence (Ongoing): Aurora
  18. Transcendental (Finished): Leila, Randy, Ceri (Soul Hunt)
  19. Swimming on a boat that is on the sea. (Pt. 1) (Finished): Aurora
  20. We're Falling Apart to Halftime (Pt. 2) (Dead): Aurora
  21. Double the Trouble, Half the Headache (Dead): Rogue
  22. Green with envy. Also pink and blue. Orange should fix that. (Finished): Rogue, Aurora
  23. Small Talks on Quiet Walks (Dead): Aurora
  24. Hey this isn't what I ordered (Dead): Kazuko
  25. Updating Paintings (Dead): Rin
  26. Depression Debilitater: Heroes Don't Stay Down (Dead): Rin
  27. Black & Silver (Dead): I
  28. Oddly Close (Dead): Nonie
  29. Aces & Queens (Finished): Rin
  30. Electroshock Pinpoints; Training and R&R Don't Mix (Dead): Jasmine, Joseph
  31. Dating: The Unconventional Way (Dead): Rogue
  32. A Homecoming of Sorts (Dead): Eve
  33. A Linguist's Studies (Dead): Eve
  34. Night Walks & Night Lights (Dead): Vanja
  35. Could this be Home? (Dead): Eve
  36. All hope abandon, ye who cross the Queen[/u] (Dead): Joe
  37. Maddened Ecstasy --- The Harley's Start (Dead): Vanja
  38. A Happy Day (Dead): Jazz
  39. We Don't Get Out Enough (Dead): Jazz
  40. Pretty Boys on Lockdown (Dead): Joe

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The Mistress' Thread Log (Of death .-.)
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